iPad Mini 5 gets flash at the back, keeps the same design

iPad Mini 5 gets flashThe iPad Mini 5 gets flash a horizontal camera set at the rear. As a result, there is room for a flash in addition to a sensor.

iPad Mini 5 gets flash, Apple Pencil support and more

That can be seen from a photo shared by Slashleaks . The tablet insider posted a photo on Twitter showing the back of a protective cover for the new iPad Mini. A few things stand out here.

First, it seems that the compact iPad Mini gets a flash. This is useful because you can also take photos in the dark. Its predecessor, the iPad Mini 4, has no flash, but the recently released iPad Pro (2018) is. It is therefore possible that Apple will also equip the smallest tablet with this.

iPad Mini gets

In addition, the iPad Mini 5 has a headphone input at the top left. In the cover you can see that there is a notch at this location. Because of this you can probably also listen to music with your earplugs. The hole for the rear speaker is placed in the middle of the tablet.

Finally, the iPad Mini 5 may receive a smart connector on the side. These three dots work as parentheses for keyboards and other accessories. This notch could also be intended for the Apple Pencil 2 . All in all, the design of the iPad Mini 5 is quite similar to its predecessor.

Or is it an old photo?

This is a rumor, so take the information with a grain of salt. Not long after the photo appeared, Twitter user OnLeaks said that the photo is not recent. Indeed, according to him, the protective cover is meant for a prototype of the iPad Mini 4 , which came out in 2015. This would explain why the design has hardly been adjusted.

After Apple has not released a new version of the iPad Mini for years, there has been plenty of speculation about a new version since last week. The fifth generation iPad Mini would be released in the first half of 2019. Apple is probably also working on a 10 inch iPad.

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