These are the best cases for the iPad mini

iPad mini caseAre you looking for an iPad mini case? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we list the best iPad mini protection for you. From covers for the iPad mini 2019 to the earlier models.

iPad mini case and covers

Are you looking for an iPad mini 2019 case? Or do you have an older iPad mini that you want to protect? In this article, you will find the best iPad mini case. All kinds of covers are available for both the screen and the back. It is important that you choose the right cover for the right model. We distinguish between the first three models, the iPad mini 4 and the new iPad mini 2019.

  • iPad mini 2019
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3 and older

iPad mini 2019 cases

Are you looking for an iPad mini case, then there are a number of things that you should take into account. If you are only looking for a screen protector, then the iPad mini 4 ‘s case will also fit. It is a bit more complicated to protect the back. Because the microphone is in a different place, it is covered with most of the covers of the iPad mini 4. The buttons on the latest iPad mini are also slightly larger, which causes problems with some cases. You can read more about which covers fit on the 2019 iPads in our article.

For now, there is only one case that is officially suitable for the iPad mini 2019 :

Apple Smart Cover for iPad mini 2019

Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad mini 2019 provides protection to the screen. The Smart Cover is now a trusted cover that you can easily attach via the magnets on the side. You can unfold the cover and use it as standard. As soon as you close the cover, the screen is immediately locked. And when you open the cover, the screen immediately turns on again. The Smart Cover for the latest iPad mini is available in different colors, such as the new color papaya and the classics charcoal gray and white.

iPad mini case

View: Smart Cover for iPad mini 2019 at the Apple Store (approx. € 45 )

Apple Smart Cover for iPad mini 4 (also fits iPad mini 2019)

Do you find this cover too expensive? The version of the iPad mini 4 is also suitable for the latest iPad mini 2019. This is often a bit cheaper at stores and is also available in other colors. For example, there is a midnight blue version for around € 40 and the red one is already for sale for € 25.

iPad mini 4 cases

Cases for the iPad mini 4 are still in abundance, from nameless to the famous brands. Some of these cases are also suitable for the iPad mini 2019, although you have to settle for concessions for the rear microphone, for example.

Moleskine Folio cover

This case for the iPad mini 4 offers complete protection. It is a kind of folder with elastic that protects both the front and back. You can unfold the front and fold it over as a standard, so that you can watch a movie or work on your iPad mini, for example. The cover is made of polyurethane and the inside is made of microfibre, so your iPad is protected against scratches. The cover is made for the iPad mini 4, but may also fit on the new iPad mini 2019. Keep in mind that the microphone is covered and the buttons may not fit properly.

Moleskine Folio cover

View: Moleskine Folio case for iPad mini 4 at the Apple Store (approx. € 90 )

Pipetto Origami Case for iPad mini 4

This colorful cover protects the front and back and has a unique design. You open the front and fold it in a special way so that you get a great standard. The standard can be folded in different positions, for example, to type or to watch a movie. You can choose from all kinds of colors, such as blue, red or pink. The advantage is that the place at the volume buttons is uncovered, so this also fits for the iPad mini 2019. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the microphone on the back.

View: Pipetto Origami Case for iPad mini 4 at Amac (approx. € 39.95 )

Decoded Slim cover for iPad mini 4

This Decoded cover looks chic. This case protects your iPad mini case all around and is partly made of leather. The back is made of hard plastic. The front cover is magnetic, so your iPad turns on immediately when you open it. Just like Apple’s Smart Cover, you can roll this cover up to a standard. The difference with Apple’s cover is that this Decoded consists of four surfaces, making it more robust when folded. You can choose from red, brown and black. Do you use it for the iPad mini 2019? Then take into account that the microphone is blocked at the rear. A recess has been made for the buttons, so that is no problem.

View: Decoded Slim cover for iPad mini at Amac (from approx. € 20 )

Apple Silicone case for iPad mini 4

At the time of the iPad mini 4, Apple released a separate silicone cover for the back. This is still available, for example at Amac. With the cover, you protect the back, while there is also room to attach Apple’s Smart Cover. As the name suggests, the cover is made of silicone. This case is less suitable for the iPad mini 2019 because the buttons are covered. The silicone cover is available in all kinds of different colors.

View: Silicone case for iPad mini 4 at Amac ( from € 25 )

Cases for older iPad mini

For the older iPad mini’s, the range is very large, but it often involves cases of a few euros. These covers below are suitable anyway and provide the best protection.

Targus ClickIn case for iPad mini

This cover looks like an agenda. It has an elastic band to hold the front in place. You do not fold the cover into a triangle, but fold it open to a standard for typing or watching videos. The back is fully protected and there is also a cutout for the buttons. According to the makers, the cover works with all generations (from the original iPad mini case to the fourth generation), so it may also fit around the iPad mini 2019. The cover is made of an artificial leather exterior and available in black.

View: Targus ClickIn case for iPad mini at Coolblue ( approx. € 29 )

Pipetto Origami Case iPad mini 2/3

The previously discussed Origami case by Pipetto is also available in a special version for the iPad mini 2 and 3. This case ensures that all buttons and microphones are available, while still providing protection to the front and back. You can easily open the front and fold it together into a handy standard. Available in both black and red.

View: Pipetto Origami Case for iPad mini at Amac (approx. € 40 )

If you want to view even more iPad covers, then we also have a general overview.

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