Touchscreen of iPad Pro reacts badly with screen protector

iPad Pro 2019 screen protector problemsWith some iPad Pro owners, the touchscreen responds poorly after applying a screen protector of tempered glass. Face ID also sometimes fails. You can do this yourself. iPad Pro 2019 screen protector problems.

iPad Pro 2019 screen protector problems

Do you have a screen protector of tempered glass on your iPad Pro (2018) and does Face ID(sometimes) no longer work? Then you are not the only one. Various complaints about this problem can be found on the Apple support forum.

For example, a user writes that he has already tried five different protective layers, but that they all show cures. The touchscreen responds poorly to one, while Face ID does not work at all with other screen protectors. The video below gives an impression.

screen protector

The problem seems only to occur with screen protectors of tempered glass, also known as tempered glass. These are harder than ‘normal’ protective layers of plastic. In addition, only show some thicker tempered glass-screen protectors cures. It does not matter what brand or model of protection you have.

It is not yet clear why the problems occur specifically with the latest iPad Pro, and not with other models. It does not seem to matter whether you use the tablet in landscape or portrait mode.

You can do this

Zagg, the producer of the popular InvisibleShield screen protectors, responds to the problems in conversation with Cult of Mac. According to the manufacturer, more complaints than usual have been received in the past three weeks. It is striking that this problem is only relatively recent, while the iPad Pro (2018) has already been available for a few months.

Although Zagg says that there is no large-scale problem, ‘We have not received a huge number of complaints’, the problems will be tackled. ‘First, people who suffer from the problem naturally get a new screen protector,’ according to the spokesman.

‘Secondly, even though the number of complaints is relatively low, our design team will investigate the case. We want to get the bottom brick up and know why some people suffer from this problem. ” Finally, the manufacturer has advice for people whose Face ID is no longer working. ‘Scan your face again after you have applied the screen protector.’

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