New iPhones get a much larger battery to charge other devices

iPhone 2019 batteryWith the iPhone 2019, you will soon be able to power other devices, such as your AirPods and Apple Watch. To make this possible, the batteries of the three new iPhones are a lot bigger.

iPhone 2019 battery is getting much bigger

That is how slowly but surely the rumor mill around the 2019 iPhones is starting. This time Ming-Chi Kuo, a famous Apple analyst, talks about the battery. According to the connoisseur, the three new iPhones get a function to charge other devices wirelessly.

You only have to place your Apple Watch or AirPods on the back of the device to charge them. You can also power another iPhone in theory, although this is probably very slow in practice.

iPhone 2019

According to the analyst, the Cupertino company is currently in talks with suppliers of the special batteries that can do this. To make this possible, the batteries of the 2019 iPhones are a lot bigger. The new budget model, in particular, is improving:

  • The successor to the iPhone XS gets a 5.8-inch screen with a battery of more than 3300 mAh. This is a 25 percent improvement on the current 2658 mAh.
  • The new iPhone XS Max with the 6.5-inch format has a capacity of 3651 mAh and is, therefore, 15percent better than the current 3175 mAh.
  • And finally, the iPhone XR successor (6.1 inches) gets a 25 percent battery increase, which is 3380 mAh instead of the current 2942 mAh.

“No USB-c”

Kuo said earlier that the 2019 iPhones will get Frosted Glass. This glass design would better guide the flow, making charging faster. Macotakara, a Japanese Apple blog, recently claimed that this feature will be called “Wireless Powershare.”

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has exactly the same technology to charge other devices wirelessly. Finally, Kuo indicates that the Lightning port remains and people do not switch to USB-C, as with the iPad Pro.

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