3 reasons to look out for an iPhone with a triple camera

iPhone 2019 cameraThe first rumors are clear: this year the first iPhone 2019 camera with a triple camera lens appears on the back. But what do you actually have on such an extra lens?

Why the iPhone 2019 camera gets an extra lens

We will only officially see the iPhone 2019 in September, but the first information has already surfaced online. For example, Apple would at least provide the larger Max variant of an extra camera lens on the back.

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That would not be the first smartphone with a triple camera, which gives us a nice overview of all the possibilities that this lens makes possible. We have listed the most practical ones.

1. Improved optical zoom

A big advantage of the dual lens on the iPhone is the option to optically zoom up to twice. In contrast to a digital zoom, you do not lose quality with this, so you can get the picture closer without any problems.

A third lens allows up to three times optical zoom, making it even more tempting never to touch that digital zoom again. The advantages of this include Huawei with the P20 Pro, which added an extra telephoto lens to allow three times optical zoom.

2. Better performance in low light

A frequently heard (justified) complaint about the camera of the iPhone is about the disappointing performance in low light. Because these photos are moved quickly, too dark or out of focus if you pay attention to the details. This tried to solve Apple with the iPhone XS by introducing Smart HDR, while Google proved with Night Sight that even with software a lot is possible.

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Good hardware only contributes to this. By adding a third lens more light can be absorbed, which makes photos in the dark a lot better by definition. By combining this extra amount of light with Smart HDR and any other machine learning tricks, this can be a big step to solve this problem of the iPhone camera.

3. Better 3D images, a solution for ARKit

Augmented reality is becoming increasingly important for Apple, so the hardware will also increasingly focus on this technology. A third lens is an important addition to this because it allows you to observe space in 3D much better. For example, you can calculate the distance of the iPhone to a table more accurately, which increases the quality of ARKit apps.

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How this third lens is going to work is not yet clear, so far rumors have been about various applications. What is certain is that this extra lens is another important step to make AR bigger than it is now. That should also be done because Apple would already be busy with its own AR glasses that would come on the market around 2020.

Everything about the iPhone 2019 camera

The iPhone 2019 is expected to be released in September in three formats, so that the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR all get a successor. As it looks now, the new iPhone XR gets a double camera lens and the question remains whether only the iPhone XS Max or the new iPhone XS with a triple lens is equipped.

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