Render: This is what the iPhone 2019 looks like with the iPad Pro design

iPhone 2019 renderNow that the first rumors about the iPhone 2019 trickle in, a developer wonders whether the device should take over the design of the iPad Pro 2018. This iPhone 2019 render shows how the next iPhone can look when Apple takes over the iPhone 2019 design of the new iPad Pro Are you a fan?

iPhone 2019 render with iPad Pro design

A triple camera lens on the Max, a double lens on the back of the new XR and better Wi-Fi and mobile internet chips. The first stories about the iPhone 2019 outline a device that once again makes a small step forward.

For architect Sebastiaan de With, that was reason enough to see what is possible in the field of design. Because although most sources think that the new iPhone will have almost the same appearance as the iPhones of last year, there are plenty of other possibilities.iPhone 2019 design

With a render, the developer shows how the new design of the iPad Pro can also work on an iPhone. With the somewhat harder edges and the aluminum border around the screen, the iPhone is reminiscent of a modern version of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 2019 design still popular

Since the iPhone 6, Apple has traded this angular design for softer, more rounded edges. That is pleasant in the hand, but in 2019 there are still many people who the iPhone 5 in terms of design the culmination of what Apple has made.

Now that the iPad Pro goes back to a similar design, there is a chance that the iPhone will follow this up. We think that it will mainly be the software of iOS 13 that will ensure the biggest external changes this year.

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