You can easily share your Wi-Fi without sharing your password

share Wi-Fi passwordYou can easily share your Wi-Fi without sharing your password. If you run iOS 11 or higher, you no longer need to give your Wi-Fi password a price to allow someone on your network. In this tip, we show you how it works.

This way you can share your Wi-Fi password

iOS 11Everyone knows the situation: you have friends or family who want to use your Wi-Fi network. Actually, you do not want to give up the password, but you do not mind if your friends use your internet connection.

Since iOS 11 you can easily solve this situation with your iPhone. You can also use this feature with iOS 12, of course. For this, you have to have your friends as a contact person in your iPhone (in the Contacts app) and be connected to your Wi-Fi. Follow the steps below to have your friends connect without a password.

  1. Have your friend connect to your Wi-Fi so that the password screen appears;
  2. Then unlock your iPhone (or Mac) and choose ‘Password share’ in the screen that appears;
  3. Then tap Done. Your friend’s iPhone connects to your Wi-Fi network.

What is good to remember is that the above steps also work with a Mac. For this, you have to have your contacts synchronized with iCloud so that your Mac also has these on board. In addition, your computer must run on macOS High Sierra or higher.

After sending your password in this way, you do not have to worry. Someone who receives your Wi-Fi password in this way can’t see this on his or her iPhone. Even though the iCloud key, your password will not be visible if you choose the option to make passwords visible.

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