Apple attracts many Android users with affordable iPhone XR

iPhone XR popular with Android usersThe number of Android users that switched to an iPhone has increased this year. Especially the iPhone XR is an attractive device, probably due to its lower price.

iPhone XR popular with Android users

The research agency Consumer Intelligent Research Partners (CIRP) states that more people from Android went to the iPhone this year than in previous years. When the iPhone 8 and 8 Pluswere released in September 2017, 12 percent of all iPhone buyers came from an Android device. With the iPhone X, which appeared slightly later, this was 11 percent. According to the CIRP report, this year 16 percent of an Android phone. 82 percent of all iPhone buyers already had an iPhone.

Android users

The growth would mainly have to do with the iPhone XR, which would be the most interesting for Android users. The research firm states that the XR is responsible for 32 percent of all iPhones sold in the past few months.

The iPhone XS and XS Max are doing slightly less well, though that is probably due to the fact that the devices are more expensive than the XR. The table above summarizes the sales of the various iPhone models (according to CIRP).

More about the iPhone XR

With a suggested retail price of 859 euros, the iPhone XR is hundreds of euros cheaper than the XS. The device is as powerful as its more expensive brothers, although Apple has had to make a number of concessions to reduce the price. For example, the iPhone XR does not have an OLED screen, but an LCD display. In addition, there is only one camera lens on the back, while the XS and XS Max have two. With that one camera, it is also possible to make portrait photos. Furthermore, the resolution of the display (1792 by 828 pixels) is somewhat lower, the edges around the screen are thicker and 3D Touch is missing.

The iPhone XR has now dropped a little in price and now you get a few dozens less at home. Check also our price comparison, in which we collect all deals for a separate iPhone XR or an XR with a subscription for you. Want to know more about the smartphone? Then check our written iPhone XR review or watch the video review below.

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