Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS pops up in iOS 12

Smart Battery CaseNot satisfied with the battery life of your iPhone XS and do you have money to solve this? Then comes Apple’s unannounced Smart Battery Case as called.

iPhone XS Smart Battery Case discovered in iOS 12

Everything indicates that the iPhone XS very soon a special case with a built-in external battery. Apple also released such a case for the iPhone 6, 6S and 7, but no longer since.

iPhone XS

That seems to be changing now, as Reddit user Tom discovered that iOS 12.1.2 already supports the accessory. iOS 12.1.2 is the most recent version of the mobile operating system. He did this by cutting out an old Battery Case so that he could connect to the Lightning port of an iPhone XS. Then an icon appeared in the Battery widget of an unannounced Smart Battery Case for the latest iPhones of the moment.

iPhone XS Smart Battery Case

This icon also surfaced recently when a developer discovered it in the watchOS code. It is easy to see how the case looks smaller than its predecessor, with a smaller chin on the bottom. You still connect the case to an iPhone by putting it in the Lightning connection.

Handy tool

For the time being, it is unclear how big the capacity of these cases will be, although the predecessors were big enough to fully charge an iPhone several times. That makes it a useful tool for people who are busy with their iPhone a lot but are not always or long enough near a power outlet during the day.

Now that the case is also in the code of iOS 12, seems to be a matter of time until Apple officially reveals the product. As soon as this happens, you obviously read it on the overview below we list all the other products that Apple is likely to release in the coming 12 months.

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