Leaked photos show iPad mini 2019 without a flash

iPad mini 2019Pictures have appeared that may show the iPad mini 2019. This shows, among other things, that the flash of the camera on the back has disappeared.

Show photos design iPad mini 2019

We can expect quite a few upgrades from various Apple products this year, and according to various rumors, a new iPad mini is one of them. The photos that appear to show the iPad mini 2019 have been shared on Twitter by someone and discovered by 9to5Mac.

Leaked photos

It is not specifically mentioned that this is a design of the iPad mini, which Apple may release later this year. The iPad tastes good, however, by stating that he thinks ‘that we can call this the iPad mini 4s’.

Apple last launched a new iPad mini in 2015, namely the iPad mini 4. It is the smallest tablet of the company from Cupertino, with a display of only 7.9 inches in size.

Similar design with predecessor

In the photos, the tablet seems at first glance not to be different from the mini 4, except that there is an antenna line processed for the version with 4G. In the iPad mini 4 is still a plastic antenna processed, instead of this new technology.

iPad mini

Because the required eSIM support is hardly available in Europe, this version will most probably not be available in the united states. In addition, it seems that the camera on the back of the tablet – just like on the mini 4 – does not get a flash.

However, a previously leaked picture of an iPad mini 2019 cover from Slashleaks showed a larger cut-out at the camera, which indicates a flash. So it remains to be seen whether Apple gives the camera a physical upgrade or not sperrysurvey.com.

Possible new gold tone

Furthermore, the buttons are in the familiar places and a headphone input is visible. The photos do not show further whether the iPad mini 2019 appears in a new color. The current iPad mini is available in space grids, silver, and gold.

Last year, however, Apple has given its golden color a new tint, which may also be the new third color for this tablet. In order to keep the costs low, it is also to be expected that the iPad mini 2019 just has a Lightning-input and no USB-c-port like on the iPad Pro 2018.

Based on these photos, Apple seems to be making improvements on the inside, so that the iPad mini 2019 becomes an affordable new entry model. Besides this tablet, we also expect that Apple will release an iPad 2019 and iPad Pro 2019.

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