Rumor: Successor LG G8 is a ‘modular’ smartphone with a second screen

LG G8LG G8 has ambitious plans for its next flagship. Next month, the company may introduce a new Android smartphone with the second screen.

LG G8 second screen is part of a case

While Samsung, Huawei, and others are busy with foldable smartphones, according to CNET, LG has another plan to double the screen surface. The usually reliable source claims that LG is working on a smartphone that can be expanded with a second screen.

second screen

According to the source, the device is provided with one screen by default, but you can attach an accessory to add a second screen. The source describes this as a kind of cover, but how it works exactly is unclear. Probably the extra image is not behind, but it can be pushed out of the cover to show a second screen.

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Unveiling at the end of February

The device will probably be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February. Although it is likely to be the successor of the LG G7 ThinQ, the name of the new smartphone is not yet fixed. The manufacturer still doubts between LG G8 and some other options according to the source. However, according to CNET, it is certain that LG is presenting ‘several new smartphones’ at the Barcelona fair.

That is remarkable because LG just this week announced a Dutch release for the V40 ThinQ. The flagship has been on sale in some countries since October 2018, but will now appear in the Netherlands. Although the V40 ThinQ still runs on Android Oreo and a successor is already ready, the device does have a fairly solid recommended price of 749 euros. When the possible LG G8 appears in the Netherlands, and how much that device will cost later is still unknown.

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