“MacBook will measure your heart rate in the future while typing”

MacBookApple is investigating the possibility of placing a heart rate sensor in the MacBook. The two required sensors are located next to the trackpad.

‘MacBook heart rate monitor in the making’

That shows a new patent (via AppleInsider ). The company from Cupertino is considering putting two health sensors in the MacBook. The first is able to measure your blood pressure, heart rate and the amount of oxygen in your blood. The second infrared sensor also knows how to read out your moisture percentage.Macbook heart rate monitor

This works exactly like on the Apple Watch. The smartwatch uses two lights, one red and one green, to measure your health. When making a scan, the red light is reflected by your blood, and the green is absorbed. By letting the LED lights blink hundreds of times per minute, the watch can measure your heart rate so precisely.

Apple and health

The patent does not make it clear whether you have to put your pulse on the health sensors, or whether it works with your fingers. The second option might be easier because the lights are placed next to your mouse. Furthermore, the sensors also ‘see’ whether you are present, and your Mac does not just go to sleep.

This is a patent, and as we all know Apple is submitting hundreds of such documents every year. Yet they do provide a good picture of the direction the iPhone maker is going. The most recent patents all focus on health. In an earlier interview, Tim Cook was already raving about the ECG function of the Apple Watch, which would save lives. Unfortunately, you can not make heart rate movies in the Netherlands.

Somewhere in March, the first Apple keynote of the year takes place. We expect to hear more about AirPods 2, which would also have some health sensors.

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