“Apple fixes” Fluxgate “screen issue in 2018 MacBook Pros”

MacBook ProsAt the beginning of this year, it became clear that newer MacBook Pros are sensitive to screen problems. Apple now appears to have quietly implemented a solution for this so-called ‘Flexgate’.

Apple quietly MacBook Pros fluxgate solution

iFixit discovered at the end of January that all MacBook Pros have had a remarkable hardware change since 2016. Apple would have used less sturdy cables to connect the screen to the bottom of the laptop, causing them to wear faster and cause problems earlier than previous models.

By putting the MacBook open and closed, this wear and tear can occur, eventually creating light spots on the bottom of the screen where the cable no longer makes a good connection.


iFixit has now discovered that Apple has already quietly taken measures in the 2018 MacBook Pro to prevent Fluxgate. By disassembling a newer model, the website discovered that Apple now uses longer cables than in previous models. With both the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro, the cable has become about 2 millimeters longer.

According to iFixit, this should ensure that the cables have more room to bend so that they are less stressed. This should reduce wear and ensure that the Flexgate problem is remedied. Nevertheless, the website is a struggle, because it has not yet been tested whether this adaptation really corrects the problem.

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What to do with screen problems

Apple has never admitted that Flexgate was a problem. This makes it difficult for users with this problem to get an unambiguous solution. For example, it can be read in various forums that some people get their repair costs reimbursed, but others have to pay in the same situation. If your MacBook also has problems, we recommend contacting Apple Support to see which options there are.

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