You can make a backup of your Apple Watch in no time

Apple Watch backupBacking up regularly is very sensible, and that also applies to the Apple Watch. In this tip, you can read how to make an Apple Watch backup and which data is and is not saved.

Apple Watch backup

Backing up your Apple Watch is different from what you might be used to from other iDevices. The iPhone with which you connect the Apple Watch plays a major role and not all data are included in this backup.

  • Automatic backup
  • Manual backup
  • Contents of the backup
  • To restore
  • Manage

Automatic Apple Watch backup

Because the Apple Watch is largely an extension of your iPhone, much of the data is automatically stored on the iPhone with which the smartwatch is linked. As soon as you make a backup of that iPhone via iTunes or iCloud, this Apple Watch data is automatically included there.

Make Apple Watch backup for disconnection

Even if you disconnect an Apple Watch from your iPhone, the data on it will automatically be stored on your iPhone. That way you can put them back quickly if you decide to pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone again. Making an Apple Watch backup manually is therefore only possible by disconnecting.

Make a backup of your Apple Watch as follows:

  1. Make sure you are within the Bluetooth range of your iPhone.
  2. On the iPhone, go to the Watch app.
  3. Go to General> Reset> Clear all Apple Watch content and settings.
  4. You may need to enter your Apple ID password to disable “Find my Apple Watch.”
  5. Wait until your Apple Watch is disconnected from your iPhone.
  6. The welcome screen appears.

You have now made a full backup of your Apple Watch and the watch has been disconnected from your iPhone. You can check if everything went well by going to Settings> General> iPhone storage> Watch. You can see the backup just made there.

As soon as you make an Apple Watch backup, it will only be present locally on your iPhone. Only when you synchronize your iPhone with iCloud will the information also be stored online. If you lose your iPhone and you have made a recent backup, you can also restore your Apple Watch without losing any information. You can not forward a backup of your Apple Watch to a friend’s iPhone. The only thing you can do is delete the backup.

According to Apple ‘s support page, not all data from the Apple Watch is included with this backup. This way you save the general settings, language, time zone, and settings for certain apps, but there are also some important things missing.

Contents of the Apple Watch backup

This is not included in an Apple Watch backup:

  • Bluetooth links
  • The details of your payment card for Apple Pay
  • The pin code of your Apple Watch

So if you want to restore a backup to your Apple Watch, you will have to enter the above information manually again.

Restore Apple Watch backup

Restoring an Apple Watch backup mainly occurs if you have purchased a new smartwatch and want to pair it with your iPhone. You can read all about it in our tip about using Apple Watch without data loss. If you want to link your current Apple Watch with a new iPhone, you will also have to deal with backups.

Manage Apple Watch backups

A backup is also called backup. If you have made a number of backup copies, you may want to view them later. Which can! In a separate tip, we explain how you can manage them and how you can delete Apple Watch backups.

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