Smartphone slow? 7 quick tips for a smoother device

Smartphone slowApps that barely or no longer open, websites that have to load forever and games that are so slow that you don’t have time to play when the loading screen is over. There are few things as bad as a Smartphone slow. We help you to keep pace.

Smartphone slow? 7 quick tips

1. Install the latest updates

Both Apple and Google regularly release a new update of their operating system. These sometimes contain new functions, but the majority of the time improve the performance of your smartphone. So always install the latest available software update.

This is good for securing your data and for making a slow device faster again. Who knows, the cause of your Smartphone slow device is a bug in the software, which is quickly corrected with such an update.

smartphone slowly

2. Update your apps

In addition to installing software updates for your operating system, it is just as important to also keep individual apps on your device up-to-date. These app updates often contain important optimizations, making apps such as WhatsApp and Twitter just a little smoother. By doing this with all your apps, it ensures a better user experience, because all your apps run just a little faster and better than before.

3. Check if you don’t have a bad internet connection

Do you have a slow internet on your smartphone? That may be due to your smartphone itself, but before you look for solutions for a slow device, we recommend that you first check if it is not due to your internet connection.

For example, if you have a poor Wi-Fi range, then it is better for you to put your router in a different location than to upgrade your smartphone. The same applies to your mobile internet, where you can, for example, see if you are in an area that is poorly covered by your provider.

4. Clean up your smartphone!

A phone with a full memory has more difficulty making everything run smoothly. In that respect, you can compare a smartphone with a computer that overflows with the files. So sit down regularly to tidy up your smartphone. Do you need help with that? We give you seven practical tips for cleaning up your smartphone memory.

smartphone slowly

5. Turn off refreshing apps in the background

You probably automatically have apps enabled to refresh in the background. There is nothing wrong with that in itself unless the speed of your phone is compromised.

So look critically at which apps have this permission and disable this option with some apps. For example, many games do not need this option at all and you can also ask yourself with photo editing apps what these services do to continuously update the app. Certainly if you hardly ever use them.

6. Restart

The above tips do not work? Then it is still worthwhile to completely turn off your smartphone and restart it. This can work to stop all processes and give a restart. Who knows, there may have been several minor errors that have accumulated themselves and are now causing a slower device. You can remedy this by switching your device off and on.

7. Does nothing work? Then consider a newer smartphone

If you have completed all of the above steps and your smartphone is still slow, it may also mean that it is time for a newer device. Every smartphone has a certain lifespan and after a number of years of intensive use, you will notice that a device is coming to an end.

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