Next smart screen from Google gets built-in Nest camera

Nest Hub MaxThe successor of the Google Home Hub is probably called the Nest Hub Max. This smart screen gets a built-in Nest camera.

Nest Hub Max leaked by Google

Google accidentally leaked a new product through its website. The Nest Hub Max smart screen was displayed on Google’s page for the smart house. Website Android Police quickly copied the information before Google removed it again.

The Nest Hub Max will get a 10-inch screen with HD resolution. For comparison: the Google Home Hub has a 7-inch screen. In addition, there is a Nest camera on the screen. This camera can be used in various ways.

Nest Hub Max leaked

First of all, the camera serves as a security camera. That means that you can view the camera images on your smartphone whenever you want, or receive a notification if there is unexpected movement in your house and you are not at home. The camera can also see everything in the dark.

In addition, the camera ensures that you can make video calls with the smart screen. The Google Home Hub already supports Google Duo for conversations, but only via audio. The stereo speakers on the new screen must ensure that conversations sound good.

Nest Hub Max price and availability

Nothing is known yet about when the new smart screen will be available and how much the device should cost. We expect that the Nest Hub Max will be a bit more expensive than the current Google Home Hub due to the larger screen and the advanced Nest camera, which will be sold for around 150 euros. A separate Nest camera already costs 199 euros. There is also a good chance that you have to take out a subscription in order to use all functionalities.

The Google Home Hub is not yet available in the United States. However, it is very easy to import the device. This way you can buy Google Home Hub in the United States. It is not yet known whether the Nest Hub Max will come to the United States.

In the meantime, have a look at our review of the Google Home Hub, to find out what you can do with such a smart screen:

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