Android Oreo update for Nokia 2 finally available, but Nokia advises him

Android Oreo updateThe Nokia 2 gets almost a year later than promised yet an Android 8.1 (Oreo) update. Users can only download this update via a detour because the manufacturer himself advises against installing.

Nokia 2 Android Oreo update available

Owners of the Nokia 2 can sign up for the update via the manufacturer ‘s site. After you have entered the IMEI number of your device, the update is available within a few hours. If you do not register, you will not receive the update either. Nokia has decided to make the Android Oreo update optional for users.

The device was released in late 2017 with Android 7.1 (Nougat). As with all Nokia smartphones, the Finnish manufacturer pledged strong support with all major Android updates up to two years after its release. Already at the release, a fast update to Android Oreo was promised.

Nokia 2 Android Oreo update

The weak hardware of the Nokia 2 threw a spanner in the works. The device is actually not powerful enough for Android Oreo, Nokia CEO Juho Sarvikas recently announced on Twitter. “Shortly after the introduction of the Nokia 2, Google decided that all devices with 1GB of memory [such as the Nokia 2, ed.] Should run on Android Go,” said the CEO. “However, it is not possible to transfer existing devices to Android Go. ”

Sub-optimal update

Nevertheless, Nokia decided to still develop an Android Oreo update for the Nokia 2, to keep its promises. However, that update does not run optimally. “Because Oreo requires more computing power than Nougat, Android runs less smoothly. That’s why we give users two options: stay on Nougat with better performance, or upgrade to Oreo for all new features. ”

The choice is therefore for the Nokia 2 users. With the Android Oreo update, they get access to several new features, such as notification channels and possible improved battery life. However, virtually all apps and aspects of the software will run a lot slower than before.

The chance that future Nokia smartphones will stay behind is a lot smaller. As the CEO already mentions, Google now also has Android Go. That is a customized version of Android optimized for cheaper hardware, including simplified versions of Googles included apps. For example, the  Nokia 1, another manufacturer’s budget gear, runs much better on Android Go.

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