Why the Nokia 7 Plus is Golobal Tech favorite smartphone of 2019

Nokia 7 Plus best smartphone 2019Today it is Golobal Tech turn to choose his favorite Nokia 7 Plus best smartphone 2019. The Nokia 7 Plus is, according to him, a somewhat boring phone, but it is worth it. Read why this is his smartphone from the past year.

Nokia 7 Plus best smartphone 2019

In the past year, I have been allowed to test several smartphones. From the very pleasant Huawei P20, much improved Nokia 5.1 to the Galaxy A7 (2018) with no less than three cameras at the back: every device has left its mark in its own way. Nevertheless, the Nokia 7 Plus is, in my opinion, the Android smartphone of the year.

This is perhaps striking because it is not an absolute flagship. The Nokia 7 Plus is also not a budget model, but a middle class. The device is anything but innovative or impressive, rather a bit boring even, but thanks to the stability such a nice smartphone in daily use.

Fast updates

When Nokia made its comeback in 2019, the company was soon praised for its quick updates. Anyone who has a device from the Finnish manufacturer can count on security patches every month: whether you have a budget model or the last flagship in your pocket.

This is the biggest plus point on the Nokia 7 Plus: the update speed. As one of the first, I was able to get started with Android Pie and enjoy the new features, tweaks and more. Moreover, thanks to the surprisingly stable beta months before the public release, I could already smell the latest Android version.

Nokia 7 Plus best smartphone 2019

Moreover, with the Nokia 7 Plus you do not suffer from busy, annoying interfaces. The device runs on a virtually bare version of Android. I find this a clear advantage over other manufacturers such as Huawei and Samsung, who deliver their own shell. In practice, you do not or hardly use all these additional apps and functions, so they add little.

Fine battery life and smooth hardware

In addition, the battery life surprised me in a positive way. I only need to charge the device once every two days, which is also so much tippled. The 3800 mAh battery is completely full within an hour thanks to the fast charge feature. This is absolutely above average for a device in this price range. Above all, the large battery life gives you a feeling of security: you do not have to worry if you forget your charger.

Furthermore, the Nokia 7 Plus is nice and smooth. It is powered by a Snapdragon 660 chip with 4GB of RAM. These are not flagship specifications, but most people can easily handle this. Apps start quickly, multitasking goes fast and even graphics-heavy games are no problem for the robust Nokia.

Nokia 7 Plus

Of course, you notice a difference in how fluent the animations are when you place the device next to a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Mate 20 Pro, but that’s the modest price tag. In addition, the Nokia 7 Plus has an excellent functioning fingerprint scanner at the back.

When you take the device out of your pocket, your finger rests on the button almost automatically, so you can get started right away. In addition, the scanner responds almost immediately. Only when you are exercising, and have sweaty hands, does he react less quickly or not at all.

Good camera, but not the best

The camera of the Nokia 7 Plus is good, but certainly not the best. The two sensors at the back do their job and usually deliver fine snapshots, but have trouble with a lot of light. When it is sunny outside, photos are quickly overexposed. A plus point is that the colors on the images remain true and therefore do not fade.

Nokia 7 Plus

Furthermore, the camera has some nice features such as a blur and live bokeh effect, which you will not use much in practice. It is fun to experiment with this, but in practice, you usually do not even think about it. All in all, the cameras of the Nokia 7 Plus perform well, without excel.

All in all, the Nokia 7 Plus excels in stability. The device is reliable, runs smoothly, offers space for two SIM cards and you are guaranteed fast updates. Above all, the device with its price tag of 250 to 280 euros at the time of writing is very affordable. For that money, you do not actually get a better Android phone.

The disappointment of 2018: Facebook and privacy

As far as I am concerned, Facebook and the decline of privacy, in general, was the biggest disappointment of last year. From Mark Zuckerberg’s acclaimed response to one of the largest data scandals ever, quizzes through the US Congress to the Dutch introduction of the Google Assistant: in my opinion, there are too few doubts about the importance of privacy.

For example, Google’s policy on data processing is anything but concrete, it has been proven dozens of times that Facebook can’t be trusted and they tried to hide the  Google + data for months. And when the news leaked, the PR machine immediately started to spin the story in favor of the search engine. According to them, Google+ was previously taken out of the blue to protect our data. It comes across as a noble act, while the mistake was really with Google.

Facebook privacy tool

In addition, internet companies – with Google and Facebook at the forefront – are gaining more and more influence in our society. Although this has absolute advantages, there are also disadvantages. The fact that the Google Assistant is free, for example, ensures that the search engine has the ability to perform the largest survey ever in terms of voice use and language.

The problem with this is that nobody knows what the consequences are, even Google does not. This issue is far too big to deal with in a few paragraphs, but I do not think it is unnecessary to raise awareness about sharing sensitive information.

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