Photo: OnePlus 7 has excellent bump above the screen

OnePlus 7 notchWith the OnePlus 7 notch may not be in the screen, but on top of it. A leaked photo of the new device shows a small bulge for the selfie camera and some sensors.

OnePlus 7 notch sticks out above the device

It seems that OnePlus 7 is an excellent smartphone. Not because of the hardware or striking features (we do not know anything about that yet), but because the camera literally protrudes above the rest of the device. That suggests at least a possible photo of the smartphone, which is shared on Slashleaks.

OnePlus 7

Two devices can be seen in the image. Probably this involves several prototypes and OnePlus is experimenting with possible designs for its next flagships. The phone on the left has a curved screen that slants in the sides, with a small protrusion above the image for the speaker. There is no selfie camera to see, which suggests that this smartphone consists of two halves. To make selfies or use facial recognition, slide the back of the smartphone up.

The right device has a slightly more traditional design. The selfie camera sits in a small water droplet at the top of the image, just like on the OnePlus 6T. However, there also seems to be a small bubble above the image, possibly only for the speaker. The screen of this variant is not curved but fills almost the whole front.

Unveiling in April or May

OnePlus usually unveils its new smartphones in April or May. Probably it will take a few months before we know what the final design of the OnePlus 7 is. However, a 5G smartphone from the manufacturer will appear before that time.

It will probably be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February, but will not appear in the Netherlands for the time being. Providers expect to offer a 5G network only from 2020 onwards.

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