OnePlus 7 Pro has hdr10 + screen and faster storage space

OnePlus 7 Pro hdr supportIn fact, the OnePlus 7 Pro will only be revealed in a week, but the manufacturer cannot resist revealing many details earlier. Now the company promises hdr10 + image and the fastest storage space of the moment.

OnePlus 7 Pro hdr support confirmed

The OnePlus 7 Pro hdr support has an OLED screen with HDR10 + support, the manufacturer announces before the release. The screen of the unannounced smartphone will have a better contrast when watching videos or playing some games. The manufacturer does not say a word about the normal OnePlus 7, which suggests that this variant does not support hdr.

Comparison: image with and without hdr (not on OnePlus 7 Pro)

Hdr stands for High Dynamic Range and ensures that images come to life more. With hdr, colors and lighting seem a lot more realistic. Initially, this technology was reserved for large televisions, but gradually it is becoming a permanent feature of new high-end smartphones. The 7 Pro is the first OnePlus smartphone that supports the technology.

Hdr is also directly available in the YouTube and Netflix apps on the OnePlus 7 Pro. The manufacturer works with both popular video services so that you can use the function immediately. By default, hdr does not work in all apps: other video services such as Amazon Prime Video must first certify the OnePlus device. How long that takes is still unknown.

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The first smartphone with UFS 3.0 storage

The OnePlus 7 Pro hdr support is also equipped with UFS 3.0 storage space, the manufacturer said. UFS stands for Universal Flash Storage and is used to describe the speed of flash memory, among other things. Almost all modern smartphones are equipped with UFS 2.1, but the OnePlus 7 Pro is the first with UFS 3.0. The foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold would actually have the scoop, but that device was recently postponed after problems with the screen.

UFS 3.0 has much higher read and write speeds than its predecessor. That means you can transfer files to another device faster. Opening and copying files such as photos, music, and videos are also faster.

This is the ‘almond’ gold OnePlus 7 Pro

In addition, some new images of the OnePlus 7 Pro have appeared. They show the ‘Almond White’ version, a white-brown version with golden hues. The blue and black OnePlus 7 Pro already leaked earlier. In which colors the ‘normal’ OnePlus 7 appears is still unknown.

OnePlus 7 Pro

The worldwide ‘ OnePlus 7 Series Launch Event ‘ will take place on 14 May. Events take place in London, New York, Bangalore, and Beijing where the company presents its latest smartphones to fans and the press. Typically, devices from the manufacturer are in stores one to one and a half weeks later. If everything goes well, the release of both the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro is therefore before the end of May – probably on 23 or 24 May.

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