The OnePlus 7 also does not support wireless charging

OnePlus 7OnePlus users have been asking for support for wireless charging for a while, but the upcoming OnePlus 7 probably does not get this feature. Ceo Pete Lau is of the opinion that the speed of wireless charging is not good enough, but that makes the board a little bit wrong.

No wireless charging for OnePlus 7

In an interview with CNET during the Mobile World Congress, Pete Lau does not explicitly say that the OnePlus 7 can’t charge wirelessly, but strongly hints at this. The CEO calls wireless charging “inferior” to charge with a cable, which is extremely fast with OnePlus phones. The latest (McLaren) version of the OnePlus 6T has a 30 Watt adapter in the box, which means the phone can be charged for 50 percent in twenty minutes. Completing the battery completely takes about an hour.

airpods wireless charging speed

Although Lau is right when it comes to the speed of wireless charging, there are still some objections to make. For example, wireless charging is not necessarily about quick refilling your smartphone, but the convenience that you can simply put it on a charging pad and do not have to peel with cables.

In addition, the speed of wireless charging has improved considerably in recent years. The Samsung Galaxy S10 charges fairly smoothly with 10 Watt, while Xiaomi with the Mi 9 wireless charging introduces 20 Watt. This means that the 3300 mAh battery of that device is full again in one and a half hours.

More about the OnePlus 7

OnePlus usually announces its latest smartphone in May or June, but much is not yet known about the OnePlus 7. According to the latest rumors, the smartphone has a front-filling screen without a notch. OnePlus might opt for a slide-out mechanism, which means you have to slide the back of the smartphone up to take a selfie or use face recognition.

Furthermore, it is plausible that OnePlus provides its latest phone with the Snapdragon 855 chip and at least 6GB RAM and 128GB storage space. In addition, improvements are expected for the camera, although nothing else is known about this. The coming months will change here, as more rumors pop up around the OnePlus 7.

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