OnePlus Zen Mode explained: allow yourself 20 minutes without your smartphone

OnePlus Zen ModeThe OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro are equipped with the new Zen Mode. If you activate it, you can no longer use your smartphone for twenty minutes. This is how the feature works.

This is how OnePlus Zen Mode works

The Zen Mode is for users who cannot stay away from their smartphone all day. Do you play Fortnite on your mobile all day long, or can’t you stop playing a complete season of a series on Netflix? With the Zen Mode from OnePlus, you put a break on yourself.

As soon as you activate the OnePlus Zen Mode, your smartphone is almost completely unusable for twenty minutes. In this mode you can only be called by emergency contacts, calling an emergency number or taking a photo. All your notifications, apps, games, and other distractions are not available. On the screen, you will only see a timer showing how long Zen Mode is on, with encouragements such as’ You are on your way! underneath.

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Try it yourself? This is how you activate the OnePlus Zen Mode:

  1. Swipe down the notifications on your OnePlus device so that all your quick settings are visible;
  2. Press the ‘Zen mode’ button;
  3. The app now asks you a few times if you are sure you want to activate Zen mode. Select ‘Come on’ and Start. You then have three seconds to cancel the option if you still want to return.

Pay attention: as soon as you activate the Zen Mode, there is no way to switch your phone on again until the timer is over. There is no code that you can enter to bypass the timer and restarting your OnePlus makes no sense either. You will only gain access again after twenty minutes.

Alternatives for other Android smartphones

The feature is directly available on the OnePlus 7 Pro, which will be available in the United States from May 21. The OnePlus 7, which appears in June, is also equipped with Zen Mode. In addition, the option is later added to the OnePlus 6 and 6T. When this Zen Mode update is available for the existing devices is unknown.

If you do not have a OnePlus smartphone, there are several other apps that give you more control over the use of your smartphone. For example, devices from Android 9.0 (Pie) are equipped with Digital Welfare, a Google app that tells you which apps you use the most. If you have an older smartphone, check out our Digital Welfare alternatives for the best apps.

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