With Flitsmeister you now pay for parking places in the app

FlitsmeisterFrom Flitsmeister you can now pay directly at paid parking places. The position is immediately available for the entire Netherlands, and will soon also work in Belgium.

Paid parking with Flitsmeister: this is how it works

Users who regularly travel en probably already have Flitsmeister open. With that app, you can easily check whether you can expect speed cameras and speed checks on the road. From now on the app is also useful when you have reached your destination because you can reserve a parking space right away.

When you have arrived at your destination, Flitsmeister now asks you immediately if you want to start a parking promotion. The app then tells you the rate for this zoning code and keeps track of how much you have to pay while you’re away. As soon as you leave, Flitsmeister warns you to stop the parking and to pay. Because you are probably already using Flitsmeister while on the road, you are sure you will not forget to stop the parking promotion.

You pay the usual parking fee via the app, plus 25 cents transaction costs for every time you park. This makes Flitsmeister slightly cheaper than most competitors: with Parkmobile, for example, you pay 27 cents transaction costs. Only ANWB Parking is cheaper, and only costs 15 cents per transaction.

Incidentally, no parking garages are currently supported. So you can only use the app to park on the street. The developer says this broader support is being added at a later date but does not state an exact date. Paid parking is now also only available in the Netherlands; support for Belgian users will come later.

Download Flitsmeister for Android

You can find Flitsmeisters via the link below in the Play Store. The app is free and works on every recent Android smartphone. The new parking function is available for everyone with version 9.4 of the app, which was already rolled out last week. Check via the link below if you already have the update, and restart the app to gain immediate access. Or read our full Flitsmeister review for more information about the app.

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