Discover the exact location of all your photos with the free Photo Map app

Photo Map is an app that displays all your photos from the cloud or your local storage on a map thanks to the GPS tag of that photo. You can choose from satellite view or different types of maps.

Photo Map

Photo Map comes with a feature that could just as well be part of Google Maps or Google Photos. The app uses the GPS tag that in many cases is automatically linked to your photos, and that is part of the metadata of each image. The developer then uses the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of Google Maps to display your images in the right places on a map. 

photo map app

When you open the app, you will see a map, exactly like in Google Maps, which you can zoom in on. You will see a heat map of the places where you have taken many photos, and on those places, you will also see a skewer with a small preview of the photo. If you open the sidebar, you can switch to satellite view and other map types. From the application, you can also browse through your photos as a gallery to see the location on the map.


The app exists in different versions depending on where you store your photos. Photo Maps retrieves photos from your local storage, while there is also Photo Map for Google Photos and Photo Maps for Google Drive. If you use other cloud services, you still have Photo Maps for Dropbox and Photomap for OneDrive. 

Photo Map is completely free, but if you want to eliminate advertisements and the large, orange Trial bar you will have to pay 2.69 euros for it. Of course, you can also wait for the developers of Google to work to bring the function to Photos and Maps, but then you may have to wait a little longer

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