New wireless chargers will soon be faster than charging with wire

Quick Charge certificateYour smartphone will soon be full faster if you use a wireless charger. Manufacturer Qualcomm will certify existing and new wireless chargers if they meet the speed of their Quick Charge certificate technology, and ensures that more fast charging mats come onto the market.

Quick Charge certificate for wireless chargers

More and more Android devices support fast charging through Quick Charge technology. But until now, this technology was mainly built into ‘normal’ adapters. Meanwhile, more and better wireless chargers are appearing on the market, and phones also support wireless fast charging.

However, wireless Qi-certified chargers are not always as fast. This makes it less interesting to use a wireless charger if you want to charge your phone quickly. Qualcomm wants to change this by giving the chargers a Quick Charge certificate if they support their load protocol. Moreover, by making the technology more available to manufacturers of such Qi-chargers, you can easily and affordably purchase a smooth wireless charger.wireless chargers

The first to come up with such a Quick Charge charging mat certified by Qualcomm is Xiaomi. According to the telephone manufacturer, their new wireless charger has a charging speed of 20 watts.

That means that a phone with a battery capacity of 3300 mAh is fully charged in just 90 minutes. This would not undermine the mat for a fast charger that you plug into the power outlet.

Mi 9 supports faster Quick Charge mat

Xiaomi’s wireless charging mat, the Mi Wireless Charging Pad, works optimally with the new Xiaomi Mi 9. Last weekend during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) announced that this phone comes to Europe for 449 euros. One of the special features of the device is that it supports 20 Watt wireless charging, which is many times faster than most Android devices.wireless chargers

Extra useful is that you do not have to wait until such a fast mat comes on the market. Qualcomm will also check existing wireless chargers. If they meet the right technology and speed, these devices also receive a Quick Charge certificate.

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