3 ways to recycle your old phone

Recycle phone

On average, people spend 2.5 years with their smartphone, after which it disappears in the drawer. This is not very useful, because the Recycle phone only has advantages. You have these options.

Recycle phone in 3 ways

Recycling your phone is not only good for the environment but possibly also for your wallet. Giving your device a second life is also very simple.

Table of contents recycle telephone

  1. Why recycle your phone?
  2. Recycle phone for the money
  3. Donate a phone to a charity
  4. Recycle yourself

Why recycle your phone?

According to research from Milieu Centraal, at least 3 million old mobile phones are trapped in drawers of Dutch households. This is a shame because these calls are full of valuable components such as gold, iron, copper, nickel, and cobalt. These minerals and other raw materials are already valuable and seem to become scarcer in the future.

Why recycle your phone

So it is important for the environment to recycle your old mobile and not just throw it in the trash. Then your device will end up in the incinerator. Moreover, the mountain of discarded telephone calls is constantly increasing, with major consequences for the environment. Finally, you can also earn nice pocket money by recycling your phone.

1. Recycle your phone for the money

With a few clicks, you can sell your old phone to purchasing sites. At these companies, your old Android or iPhone is worth tens of euros. After looking up your model you indicate how beautiful the device is, you answer some questions about the technical condition and then the buyer makes an offer.

If you agree, you can usually send your device for free, after which it will be inspected and paid out within a few days of receipt. Some buyers refurbish the devices and resell them in the Netherlands refurbished, while other companies enter the international market. They get a second life anyway.

Recycle your phone for money

Before you send a phone, it is important to reset the device to factory settings, remove your SIM card and remove any access codes. In our article about selling your phone, we explain how you can get the best price for your old mobile, and what else you should pay attention to.

2. Give the phone to a good cause

It is also possible to return your old mobile phone and donate the proceeds to a charity, such as the CliniClowns, KNGF Guide dogs or Blijdorp. These parties work together with Eeko, an environmental organization that recycles old print cartridges in addition to telephones.

You can search for the nearest collection point via the Eeko website and companies and institutions can request a collection box. A full box is collected free of charge within two working days. You can also send your old telephone to Fairphone, a sustainable Dutch manufacturer.

Huawei P30 Pro

After collection, your old mobile will be stripped and the parts that can be used immediately, such as a battery, are removed. After this, the device goes through a pulverizer, after which magnets collect the metal parts. The plastic, rubber and other raw materials are also separated.

The remnant of what once was your phone is used to generate electricity, or used in asphalt. Then the cycle starts again and the stripped parts are used in new products. Recycling a telephone is therefore very sustainable.

3. Recycle yourself

It is also possible to recycle a telephone yourself. For example, you can use your Android smartphone as a Wi-Fi extender to improve your reach or turn your phone into a digital photo frame. You can also use an old Android as a security camera and even as a dashcam for the car. Do you have an Apple phone? Turn your old iPhone into a security camera or make a real iPhone game console.

Finally, you can of course also recycle a phone by giving it away to family or friends or by keeping it as a spare. Many people, for example, take their discarded device with them to sports competitions, parties or a festival.

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