3 ways to safely remove apps from your Mac

Remove Mac appsIf you have used your Mac a lot, you will notice that a lot of applications have been installed. Not all apps are active, however, and you can just as well delete them. This can be done in three ways Remove Mac apps.

1. Remove Mac apps from Launchpad

The first way to safely remove apps from your Mac (Book) is to use Launchpad. You open Launchpad by clicking on the corresponding icon in the Dock or using the F4 key. Then find the app (s) you downloaded in the Mac App Store and want to delete. Click on it and press and hold.

The apps on the screen then start to ‘wobble’, after which you can tap the cross on the relevant app to remove it. If you have done this, you only have to confirm your choice by clicking on ‘Delete’.

2. Remove apps in the Finder

It is not possible to remove apps that do not come from the Mac App Store. A (large) part of the applications on your Mac have probably been downloaded via the internet, and you can best remove them by using the Finder.

Press the Finder icon in your Dock and click on ‘Programs’ on the left. Next, you have to find the apps you want to delete. You can scroll through the list here, but also use the search function on the top right. Then right-click on the app, choose ‘Move to Trash’ and then empty the Trash to permanently delete the apps.

3. Delete via your Dock

How to delete apps on your MacThe last way to remove Mac apps is to do so through the Dock. You can not only remove apps from your Dock but also permanently delete them. Search and click on the app, hold it down and drag it to the Trash. After this, you have to empty the trash can to throw away the application (s) permanently.

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