How to Reset your HomePod in 4 steps

Reset your HomePodAre you going to sell your HomePod, or does it not respond as well as before? Try to reset HomePod the smart speaker. Golobal Tech explains how.

Reset Homepod: that’s how it works

You can reset your HomePod in two ways: via your iPad, iPhone or MacBook, or simply via the smart speaker itself. You can switch the smart speaker back to factory settings. This means that all your settings and preferences have been forgotten.

Reset HomePod with your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Open the Woning app on your iPad or iPhone;
  2. Hold down the HomePod icon for a long time;
  3. Tap ‘Settings’ and scroll down;
  4. Select ‘Remove accessory’ and choose ‘Done’.Reset Homepod

You can also bring the HomePod to the factory settings via your Mac. Follow the steps above, but open the Home app in step 1 on your computer. You can also choose to reset the speaker without the intervention of a program.

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To reset HomePod manually:

  1. Disconnect the HomePod from the wall socket, wait five seconds, and reinsert it;
  2. Wait five seconds again and then hold the top of the speaker;
  3. Wait until the white light turns red and Siri tells you that you are about to reset the speaker;
  4. Keep pressing the top until you hear three beeps: the HomePod is now reset.

Why reset HomePod?

The HomePod is a clever piece of technology, but sometimes something goes wrong. This makes it convenient to start with a fresh installation. Even if your HomePod reacts strangely it is worth it to restore the factory settings. When you send the smart speaker for repair it is also useful to start with a clean slate. The repairers may want to test whether the defect has been resolved, and that requires logging in with an Apple ID.

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