Review update: the iPhone X is also innovative in 2019

Review updateWith the iphone x in 2019, Apple set a new standard for the smartphone in 2017. In 2019 the device is still just as relevant and innovative as it was then.

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Because iPhones last for years and are often sold for years, we have come up with something new on iPhone. Every iPhone that Apple still supports with iOS updates we test annually in this section.

iPhone X in 2019

Here we test whether an iPhone is still worth the effort to get in the house. We previously discussed the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Now it is the iPhone X’s turn.

The iPhone X in 2019

Looking back on 2017, the arrival of the iPhone X was a turning point for Apple. After spending two iPhones in September for many years, CEO Tim Cook suddenly pulled the third model out of his pocket. As a result, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – which were unveiled a few minutes earlier – immediately became obsolete.

The iPhone X put down the design that Apple will continue to build on in 2019. The thick screen edges are a thing of the past and from now on the entire front of an iPhone (except for a small notch) consists of a screen. Competing Android manufacturers did not need long to bring one after the other copy to the market in the months following this disclosure.

Only more than a year later, more and more alternatives to this smartphone design are beginning to appear. Experiments are being made with new designs for the notch, extending cameras that make the notch obsolete or telephones that conceal the front camera in a small hole in the corner of the screen.

iPhone X 2019

Apple does not participate in this and is expected to release another three iPhones in 2019 that are difficult to distinguish from the iPhone X in terms of design. Good news for all X owners, who therefore still have the latest design of the iPhone in your hands.

Also with regard to modern functions, the iPhone X fits perfectly with the wishes we nowadays can expect from a smartphone. Think of wireless charging, an OLED display, and water tightness.


It is fortunately not only with the appearance that a year can easily last. The performance of the iPhone X is also amply sufficient. For example, you can assume that the device can count on Apple’s support for years with iOS updates so that you can start using new functions every year.

iPhone X 2019 review

In addition, the X is powerful enough to temporarily handle the toughest games of the moment. The same applies to edit (RAW) photos and videos on your iPhone.

We have used the X daily and can recommend it to people who are looking for a powerful smartphone. Of course, the newer iPhone XS and XR are faster with the new A12 chip, although we wonder how many people will notice this in practice.


Where you will see the difference compared to newer iPhones, is the camera. Apple has taken big steps with the 2018 iPhones to improve the photo quality. If you’ve seen these newer photos, you’ll also notice the difference with the iPhone X.

For example, the new Smart HDR technology is missing, with the iPhone automatically taking multiple photos, choosing the best elements and pasting together to the best possible photo.

iphone x camera

As editors of iPhone, we are of course busy with these new iPhones on a daily basis, so the difference in photo quality soon became apparent. If you do not have an iPhone XS, then the iPhone X camera is still an excellent smartphone camera.

The double lens allows you to zoom optically without loss of quality. The Portrait and Portrait Exposure functions are nice extras, with which you can make a typical picture with little effort a bit more special.


During the unveiling of the iPhone X, Apple caused a stir, with a suggested retail price of over 1169 euros in the Netherlands. A year later we found out that this was not a one-off experiment, because the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cost at least as much. The only ‘cheap’ new iPhone that appeared this year was the iPhone XR with a suggested retail price of 859 euros.


The iPhone X is actually still a new iPhone more than a year later. The design is almost identical to the latest iPhones and will probably also resemble the iPhones that will be on the market in late 2019. In the meantime, the price has dropped so that he has become something more affordable. You can also assume that it will last for years when it comes to software updates. That makes the iPhone X in 2019 one of the more interesting models to choose from, and one that you certainly will not regret.

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