Samsung Bixby Assistant will also soon support Google apps

Samsung BixbySamsung Bixby, the voice-assisted assistant from Samsung, can soon also be used to operate Google apps. The two companies have announced a collaboration at CES.

Samsung Bixby Google support in the making

Later this year you can use Samsung Bixby to drive YouTube, Google Maps and the Play Store with your voice. You can then create searches or perform actions on these Google apps by using Samsung’s voice-controlled help. This makes the Google Assistant competitor a nice alternative. How the function works exactly, and when it is available to everyone, the company announces later.

Samsung Galaxy M30 specifications

Samsung wants to make Bixby an open platform of artificial intelligence, as the company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This, in theory, makes it possible to link all apps and devices to Bixby. The company also announced that it integrates Uber, Ticketmaster, and iHeartRadio with Bixby. You can also control these apps with your voice later on.

Ever since the Galaxy S8 from 2017, Bixby is standard on the high-end smartphones from Samsung. The voice-controlled assistant has a nice prominent spot and can be opened directly with a button on the side of many Samsung devices. The button is not used very much, and that’s why users want to turn Bixby off again. Also, there is still no English version of Bixby available

Bixby in your fridge and car

Meanwhile, Samsung is doing everything to make Bixby a successful alternative for Siri and the Google Assistant. The assistant regularly receives new functions and recently also speaks German, French, Italian and Spanish. Ultimately, Samsung wants to stop Bixby in all its smart devices, from televisions to refrigerators. The company even has plans to use Bixby in smart cars as a driver.

Bixby is still not available in Dutch. Also, the new voice-driven actions announced today, you will still have to do in English. Sources claim that this local variant will appear later this year, but Samsung has not confirmed that yet. We may hear more about this in late February when the company presents the Galaxy S10.

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