This is how the foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold looks from the inside

Galaxy FoldThe new Samsung Galaxy Fold appears on the outside to consist of two smartphones with a hinge between them. This is how the device looks on the inside.

Samsung Galaxy Fold on the inside of the screen

The Galaxy Fold from Samsung is a striking device. This folding smartphone has only a small screen on the outside, but after opening it, a large screen appears. How does that all work on the inside? Photos of the parts surfaced through Weibo. However, the original message has since been deleted.

samsung galaxy fold inside

Many modern smartphones look largely the same, both on the inside and outside. That’s why it’s nice to see what the Galaxy Fold looks like if you remove the already striking exterior.

One of the most striking parts is the hinge that holds the screen. This consists of five different parts. The person placing the photos added that this hinge must be positioned very precisely, otherwise the screen will be damaged. During the development of the device, this hinge would often have been redesigned. The screen itself is described as soft “like rubber”.

samsung galaxy fold inside

Two batteries of different shapes have been placed in the Galaxy Fold. The two halves of the device communicate with each other via thick cables between the moving parts of the hinge.

More about the Galaxy Fold

We have already had a new smartphone for a while. You can read our experiences in our  Samsung Galaxy Folds preview. Journalists in the United States have been folding for a while, but with several testers, the screen was broken after a few days.

Samsung is investigating the problems but is not delaying the release of the smartphone. The Galaxy Fold can be pre-ordered from April 26. The device will be available from May 3 with a suggested retail price of 2020 euros.

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