Journalists: Galaxy Fold screen broken within days

Samsung Galaxy Fold screenThe Galaxy Fold makes all the headlines, but not in a positive way. Several journalists who are currently testing the foldable Samsung report that the screen will be broken within a few days.

“Samsung Galaxy Fold screen broke within 2 days”

The Samsung Galaxy Fold screen is not yet in stores, but some tech journalists are already using the special smartphone. Their findings are not positive, to say the least. The screen of the Galaxy Fold appears to be broken by several reviewers within a few days.

Galaxy Fold screen

For example, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says that the screen is completely defective and no longer responds to touch. “I don’t know if others are affected by this problem.” The test copy of The Verge also shows cures. When you use the Fold in tablet mode, the left side of the screen flashes.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee removed the plastic layer from the device, after which the screen started to crack. In a tweet, he states that this is not a screen protector, but a protective layer. “Don’t remove this,” said Brownlee. Finally, Steve Kovach from CNBC also reports that the screen keeps flickering, just like the test copy of The Verge.

Various screen problems

Both Gurman and Brownlee have been on the protective layer, which is clearly not the intention. The Verge blames the problem on a crack that started in the middle of the screen but later continued to the rest of the display. Eventually, this broke the entire panel. With the test sample of CNBC, the problems seem to have started spontaneously: the website has no explanation for the defective screen.

Galaxy Fold

Samsung itself has not yet responded to the rise. Therefore, we can currently say little about the causes of the problem, or how many copies are affected. It seems that the problems of Brownlee and Gurman have to do with the removed protective layer. However, this does not explain the flickering screen of The Verge’s test sample, because they have left this layer of plastic.

It is still unclear whether the Galaxy Fold screen problems throw a spanner in the works of the upcoming release. Journalists often receive test copies, so the problems may have been resolved in the final version. Anyway, it is not a good advertisement for a very expensive smartphone.

More about the Samsung Galaxy Fold

In our Samsung Galaxy Fold screen preview, we had no problems with screen problems. However, we have not been able to test the device extensively but were only allowed to use it for a while. The United States Galaxy Fold pre-order starts on April 26, after which the device will be in stores from May 3. The foldable Samsung with its suggested retail price of 2020 euros is enormously expensive.

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