this is the striking fold line of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy FoldThe Samsung Galaxy Fold is for sale in some countries from next month, but until now virtually no one was allowed to try it. A video showing the folding line may tell us why.

Samsung Galaxy Fold video shows folding line

Folding the Galaxy Fold is not a seamless experience, according to a hands-on video with the device. It is fairly clear to see that there is a folding line in the middle of the screen. This line in the middle where the hinge is is a bit darker than the rest of the image and is a bit deeper.

This fold line seems to stand out especially when the image is dark and viewed at a certain angle. He is not always visible in the video. The folding itself goes smoothly: the YouTuber knows how to open and close the Galaxy Fold easily and quickly.

Rumors that Samsung was having problems with the visible folding line emerged earlier this month. According to a source from Bloomberg, this becomes visible after you open the Galaxy Fold about 10,000 times. That sounds a lot, but when you open the device a hundred times a day, you will see that fold after just over three months.

Prototype or final model

Samsung is still working hard to make that fold less visible. The company is considering offering customers a free replacement screen if the issue is not resolved before the release. It is not yet clear whether the device in the video is a prototype and how often the screen has already been turned over. The source does not say whether the device has just come out of the box or has been used as a demo model for months.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is also available in the United States from this spring. The United States suggested retail price for the smartphone is still unknown but is probably around 2000 euros. The regular  Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10e have been available in the United States since the beginning of March, with a suggested retail price starting at 749 euros.

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