Samsung releases Galaxy Note 10 in two screen sizes

Galaxy Note 10 in two screen sizesNow that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series is in stores, the first rumors about the next Note device are slowly appearing. According to a new message, the large smartphone comes in two screen sizes and a total of four versions appear.

Galaxy Note 10 comes in two sizes

South Korean ETNews reports that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes in two formats. Samsung would opt for the same approach as with its current Galaxy S series, by also releasing a smaller model. The ‘more compact’ version of the Note 10 would have a 6.28-inch screen. The larger basic model has a display of 6.75 inches. For comparison: last year ‘s Galaxy Note 9 has a 6.4-inch screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

In addition, the manufacturer would also plan to make a 5G version of both models, which means that a total of four Galaxy Note 10 telephones must be produced. The 6.28-inch model has a triple camera on the back, the larger version even four. Unfortunately, further specifications are not yet known, but this will change in the coming months as more information appears.

S10, S10 Plus, and S10e

It would not be illogical if Samsung decided to launch models in total. The Galaxy S10 series also consists of four smartphones: the regular S10, larger S10 Plus, compact S10e and there is a 5G variant of the S10. The latter does not appear in the United States and it is questionable whether the 5G models of the Note 10 will be released here. The auction of 5G frequencies will only take place somewhere this year, and only then will the first providers with 5G come to the United States.

Finally, it is unclear what the Galaxy Note 10 will look like, although it seems logical that Samsung again chooses a front-filling screen with a hole for the selfie camera (s). In our Samsung Galaxy S10 (Plus) review you can read more about the current top device from the manufacturer and how that new design works out. We have also published a list of alternatives to the Galaxy S10.

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