Research agency: ‘Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus costs € 400 to make

Samsung Galaxy S10 priceIt costs Samsung about 371 euros to produce the Galaxy S10 Plus, according to calculations from a research agency. Especially the screen and the chipset drive the price up.

Samsung Galaxy S10 cost price slightly higher than last year

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has a suggested retail price of 999 euros, but for Samsung, it costs ‘only’ 420 dollars to produce the device. TechnInsights claims that this is a research agency that calculated the material and production costs for the device. A cost for the Galaxy S10 and S10eare not mentioned, but both are probably cheaper.

The biggest cost item is the 6.4-inch AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S10 Plus. That would cost 76 euros to make. That is slightly more expensive than the Galaxy S9 Plus screen. The new screen is slightly larger, and also has a small hole in the upper right corner for the double selfie camera.Samsung lets Galaxy S10 charge faster

The Exynos 9820 chipset that is in the device is slightly cheaper than the Exynos 9810 chipset last year. Although the new hardware is more powerful, the production costs of chips are even harder achieved according to the research agency. This saves Samsung a few euros compared to the Galaxy S9.

Three cameras are not three times as expensive

On the back of the device are now for the first time three cameras were on the Galaxy S9 was still a single camera. Nevertheless, the total costs have also risen only slightly. In addition, the large battery costs a tenner, and there are about 30 euros in the testing and manufacturing of each device.

The considerable difference between the recommended price and cost price does not mean that Samsung takes a profit of more than 500 euros on every smartphone that is sold. Samsung also has costs for research and development and money is spent on marketing. In addition, a large part goes to taxes, such as VAT and import costs. After all, more than 200 euros of the Dutch recommended price consists of VAT. Finally, the provider or the store that sells the device also makes a small profit.

Samsung’s smartphone is not the most expensive to produce. According to TechInsights, the iPhone XS Max has the highest cost price of 453 dollars or 400 euros. That device does have an even stronger recommendation price of no less than 1279 euros.

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