‘Fingerprint scanner Galaxy S10 requires hole in screen protector’

Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen ProtectorAn ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is processed in the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S10. That has significant consequences for the screen protector, according to leaked images.

Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner screen protector

It has been rumored for some time that Samsung equips the Galaxy S10 with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which is processed in front of the screen. With an ultrasonic scanner, inaudible sound vibrations are made to make a scan of your fingerprint. The advantage: the technology is fairly fast and accurate.

screen protector

Unfortunately, it also has a disadvantage, according to a video from MobileFun. On that, the Galaxy S10 with a screen protector can be seen. Normally such a thing covers the entire screen, but the video shows a relatively large round hole at the bottom of the image. According to the source, the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner does not function if there is a screen protector over it.

With the hole, the fingerprint scanner is a bit easier to find, but a large part of the screen remains unprotected. It is unknown whether the scanner works with a slightly thinner screen protector.

Ultrasonic or optical fingerprint scanner?

Other devices with a fingerprint scanner in the screen, such as the OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro, use an optical scanner. Then there is actually a small camera under the image that makes a picture of your finger. This technique requires quite precise placement of the finger and is therefore slower. An ultrasonic scanner recognizes your fingerprint even when your finger is rotated, but has other drawbacks.

Galaxy S10 ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10E will be unveiled on February 20th. Then a new edition of Samsung Unpacked will take place in San Francisco. The first foldable smartphone from Samsung also makes its debut there. The new aircraft will probably be available in the Netherlands from the beginning of March.

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