Fingerprint scanner Galaxy S10 partly survives sturdy scratch test

Samsung Galaxy S10The Samsung Galaxy S10 is surprisingly good against a knock, according to a new endurance test. With a lot of scratches, however, the fingerprint scanner is broken.

Samsung Galaxy S10 endurance test

The well-known YouTuber Jerry Rig Everything has already received the Galaxy S10 before the release, and in a new video, the device is subjected to a sturdy endurance test. Although the Samsung smartphone has a glass case that looks vulnerable, the device appears surprisingly sturdy.

Samsung Galaxy A40 renders

In the video, others try to bend the Galaxy S10. Although the device is only 7.8 millimeters thick, JerryRigEverything is not able to crack the screen. Subsequently, a Stanley knife is used to cut firmly into the screen and the sides, but the impact of this is also limited.

It is one of the first smartphones equipped with Gorilla Glass 6 and that seems to provide more than adequate protection. A pretty sharp knife is used to make the scratches really visible.

The fingerprint scanner can partially scratch

Special attention is paid to the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is processed in the screen. It uses small vibrations to make a scan of your finger, and then to unlock the device. If the screen surface is damaged, it makes the scanner in theory unusable. However, in the video, you can see that the scanner also works fine with a few scratches. The finger is suddenly no longer recognized when it is firmly placed on the screen. The chance that you will suffer such damage with ‘normal’ use is minimal.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are on sale from 899 euros from the upcoming Friday, March 8, in the United States. Both devices are equipped with three cameras on the back and improved, smoother hardware. The selfie camera is processed in a hole in front of the screen. Samsung also releases the Galaxy S10e this week, for 749 euros. It only has two cameras on the back, and also misses the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Instead, the fingerprint scanner is in the on / off button on the side.

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