4 reasons to switch to a Samsung Galaxy S10 (ADV) now

Samsung Galaxy S10Finally, there is the Samsung Galaxy S10! With the flashy design and the impressive camera, it promises to be one of the best smartphones of 2019. This is why you should order the device now.

Why the Galaxy S10 (Plus) is your next smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is for sale from the 8th of March in the United States. However, if you want the device to be the first in the house, then it is best to place a pre-order now. Now place your Galaxy S10 pre-order with T-Mobile, and you have the device on the release date. At T-Mobile, you can count on the fastest mobile network in the United States and the best prices for an Unlimited subscription. Click further for the best deals!

Exclusive to T-Mobile: the Samsung Galaxy S10 blue

Samsung releases the smartphone in different colors, but the blue version is only available via T-Mobile. Do you want to make the flash with this unique color? Check out the exclusive Galaxy S10 at T-Mobile here.

If you order the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S10 Plus, you will also receive the Galaxy Buds completely free of charge. With these wireless earbuds, you can listen to music everywhere, without wires getting in the way. Moreover, you get extra data at T-Mobile free of charge. For the price of 5GB, you get a T-Mobile subscription with data bundle of 10GB!

  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 at T-Mobile with 10GB for the price of 5GB
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus at T-Mobile with 10GB for the price of 5GB
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10e at T-Mobile with 10GB for the price of 5GB

Galaxy S10 alternative

1. Sleek design with Infinity Display

You have smartphones with minimal edges, and you have the Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung has succeeded in getting rid of the edges almost completely. The 6.2-inch screen runs through in the side. There is no edge at the top of the image because the selfie camera is on the screen. So there is no notch, but just a small camera magnet.

Samsung also saved space at the bottom by putting the fingerprint scanner on the screen. If you want to unlock the phone, a small part of the display lights up so that you see where you have to place your finger on the screen. The ultrasonic scanner under the display then scans at lightning speed, even if your finger is wet or weird on the screen.

Samsung sells the Galaxy S10 in multiple colors. But only at T-Mobile, you can go for the exclusive blue Galaxy S10! This way you can be sure that you make the blink with a color that no one else has.

Samsung lets Galaxy S10 charge faster

2. Strongly improved cameras

Last year, the Galaxy S9 had to do with a single camera, but this year Samsung takes it out. You will find three (!) Cameras on the back of the Galaxy S10. There is a primary camera of 12 megapixel, which thanks to smart software already shoots beautiful pictures anyway.

He is helped by a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. You can zoom in twice without losing quality. The third lens of 16 megapixels is a wide-angle lens. You can use it to make big panoramic photos or a family photo that really suits all uncles and aunts. At the front is also a selfie camera of 10 megapixels with which you certainly shoot snapshots.

3. A faster, smarter smartphone

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S10 with the latest hardware, including an Exynos 9820 chip. This CPU, developed by Samsung itself, is the most powerful of the moment. This allows you to create 4K videos and look back, or enjoy graphically impressive games full of action. Also in daily use, it is a big upgrade compared to your old smartphones: apps run smoother and start very fast.

Raw power alone is not enough of course, because you can expect top performances from every top device. They also know that at Samsung, and that’s why the Galaxy S10 is a very smart device. The company has implemented numerous improvements to Android that make the software even simpler and more user-friendly. With the voice-controlled assistant Bixby, you control almost all apps without touching the screen, and the new Samsung Experience interface is full of handy tricks. So he is even better to use with one hand!

Samsung Galaxy S10 battery Problems

4. More choice: go for the Galaxy S10E or the Galaxy S10 Plus

This year, for the first time Samsung will not release two, but three variants of its most popular smartphone. They all have their own plus points, so there is always a device for you.

Samsung, for example, is also launching the Galaxy S10 Plus this year. It has a slightly larger screen of no less than 6.4 inches, so you can enjoy movies and games. There is also room for a larger battery that lasts a little longer. The biggest improvement is for the selfie camera: on the Galaxy S10 Plus, you will find a double lens first! So you also give your selfies a kek bokeh effect.

New is the Samsung Galaxy S10E. It is just as powerful as the top devices and equipped with the same Exynos 9820 chipset. But he is more than a hundred euros cheaper! Therefore, there are no two, but three cameras on the back. And the fingerprint scanner is not in the smaller 5.8-inch screen, but in the power button on the side. In practice, it is just as good, but you save a lot. View the Samsung Galaxy S10e at T-Mobile

Order the Samsung Galaxy S10 (Plus) at T-Mobile now

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If there are several people with a T-Mobile Unlimited subscription at your address, you will also receive additional benefits. That can amount to up to 12.50 euros extra discount per month per person. So it pays a lot if your whole family or all your housemates switch to T-Mobile! Order now the Samsung Galaxy S10 at T-Mobile, and take advantage of these advantages:

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