3 things you need to know about the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks

Samsung Galaxy S10 photos leakedIn the run-up to the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e,  more and more details are leaking. Now there are also more of the Galaxy S10 photos leaked. You should know this.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 photos leaked

Although there have been pictures of the S10, S10 Plus, and S10e, the images below give a good impression of the appearance of the S10 and S10 Plus. The photos are from the SaudiAndroidTwitter account, but the tweet is removed for unknown reasons. We know that it is the S10 and S10 Plus because these smartphones have a dual front camera on the screen. The cheaper S10e, where recently many photos of leaked, has a hole for one camera and a fingerprint scanner on the side.

Galaxy S10 Plus review

The S10 and S10 Plus have a fingerprint scanner under the display. On the new photos you will not see a scanner, but a finger icon at the bottom of the screen. Put your finger on that icon then unlocks the smartphone. It can also be seen from the pictures of SaudiAndroid that the white S10 (Plus) version has a reflective back.

2. There will be wireless Galaxy Buds earbuds

Samsung is not only working on three S10 phones but will soon also be introducing a new set of wireless earbuds. The manufacturer has been selling wireless Galaxy Icon caps for years, mainly intended for sports use. The latest version must appeal to a larger audience. According to WinFuture, which has spread a lot of information about the S10 series in recent weeks, the new Galaxy Buds are available for 149 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S10 photos leaked

The image below would show the earplugs in combination with the Galaxy S10 Plus. A rather rumor claims that the Galaxy Buds charge wirelessly when you put them on the back of the S10 Plus. The picture seems to confirm that: if you look closely, you will see a green light on the box of the earplugs. It is still unclear whether the cheaper S10 and S10e also support this charging feature.

By the way, Samsung is not the first manufacturer to come up with this feature. Huawei introduced the FreeBuds 2 in October, which charges wirelessly when you put them on the back of the Mate 20 Pro.

3. The S10 (Plus) appears in two black versions

Last week it became clear that the Galaxy S10 series appears in different colors. The cheaper S10e comes in yellow, black, white, green and later also in blue. The S10 and S10 Plus are released in black, white, green and later in blue. New information from WinFuture hints that the S10 Plus – as the only model – comes in two different shades of black. The image below shows the variants next to each other.

Samsung Galaxy S10

It would be Prism Black and Ceramic Black. The first is the regular S10 Plus color and would have a shiny effect. The Ceramic version reportedly has a ceramic back, which is firmer and more luxurious and does not reflect. According to the rumors, the ceramic version gets the best hardware: 12 GB memory and up to 1 TB (1000 GB) storage memory.

Samsung presents the three S10 smartphones and the Galaxy Buds on February 20. At this event, the folding Galaxy F phone is also expected, and perhaps also a new smartwatch. You could pre-order the Galaxy S1o series a few hours after the unveiling.

Which version of the Galaxy S10 appeals to you the most? The S10, S10 Plus or S10e? Let us know in the comments under this article.

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