Research: Samsung Galaxy S10 price drops faster than predecessors

Samsung Galaxy S10 priceThe Samsung Galaxy S10 is not yet cheap, but it drops a lot harder in price than its predecessors. Only after a month, there are more than one hundred euros off the suggested retail price.

Samsung Galaxy S10 price reduction has already been initiated

The Samsung Galaxy S10 appeared in the United States on 10 March at a suggested retail price of 899 euros. A little more than a month later, the device can already be found at several stores for less than 800 euros. The cheapest loose Galaxy S10 is currently available for 763 euros, a price drop of 14 percent. The price of Samsung’s most popular smartphone is falling a lot faster than in previous years, according to research by Golobal Tech.

Galaxy S10 price

For years it has been the case that the top devices from Samsung quickly fall in price. However, this fall seems to be starting faster this year than in previous years. For example, the price of the Galaxy S9 dropped just a few percents in the first month, and it took two months for a similar decline. With the Galaxy S7, it took even longer: there was more than 15 percent off the price only after four months. The graph above shows the price trend of the last four Galaxy S devices.

Sales figure Galaxy S10 still unknown

Samsung itself still uses a suggested retail price of 899 euros for the Galaxy S10 and says it has limited influence on the price of its smartphones at other stores. The suggested retail price is simply used in the official online Samsung store. Nevertheless, the rapidly falling price suggests that other stores should stumble with prices to boost sales.

Samsung has not yet released any sales figures for the Galaxy S10. The company announced around the release that the pre-orders were slightly higher than with the Galaxy S9, but has not shared any data since.

Huawei’s competition is increasing

Fierce competition may also be a cause of the sharp fall in prices. Huawei, in particular, knows how to steal more and more market share from Samsung. This is evident from figures from Google Trends, which provides insight into how many United States people search for specific terms.

Among other things, Trends shows that the Galaxy S10 was roughly as popular as the Galaxy S9 last year at its announcement. And that while the Huawei P30 has a higher peak than the P20 in 2018.

Price Galaxy S10e drops harder, Galaxy S10 Plus limits decline

The price of the Galaxy S10e seems to fall even harder. That device appeared on March 10 for a suggested retail price of 749 euros but is now available for 599 euros. That is a decrease of 20 percent. This is the first time that Samsung has introduced a third model in the series, so there is no comparison material yet.

The biggest and most expensive model in the series, the Galaxy S10 Plus, is going a little less fast. This variant originally had a suggested retail price of 999 euros and is now sold for around 880 euros. That is a decrease of around 12 percent: still quite a bit, but less smoothly than in the rest of the series.

In our Samsung Galaxy S10 (Plus) review, we were very pleased with the device. “The Galaxy S10 shows that Samsung is still very strong when it comes to its flagship products. The screen is world-class, the chipset incredibly powerful and the cameras shoot excellent photos. If you buy the Samsung Galaxy S10, you buy a device that is very well finished. It is the smartphone of a company that is already at the top, a company that has (rightly) confidence in its own abilities. ”

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