Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S9: the differences at a glance

Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S9The Samsung Galaxy S9 has had to make way for a new flagship: the Galaxy S10. The new device has all kinds of improvements, but that does not make the S9 immediately irrelevant. Android Plan lists all the differences and similarities between the two smartphones.

Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S9

For the first time, Samsung has not announced two, but three Galaxy devices. From 8 March, the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and cheaper Galaxy S10e are in stores. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is also an attractive deal at the same time.

At the time of writing, this costs about 500 euros, almost half of a new S10. And the S9 price will undoubtedly drop slightly further. Moreover, the hardware can still be measured with other top devices. So what do you have to choose? An overview.

1. Screen and design

What immediately strikes the S10 is the screen, which is a bit larger than its predecessor. In terms of dimensions, the Galaxy S9 and S10 are equally large. The screen edges of the S9 are almost gone, giving you a 6.1-inch display instead of a 5.8-inch screen.

Only at the bottom, you will find a thin black bar. The biggest design change is also paramount: the S10 has a camera hole in the screen. In this way, the selfie camera is simply present without having to compromise on screen space.

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Samsung calls this new design the Infinity O-display and is logically the successor to the Infinity display that you see on its predecessor. Furthermore, the color options have changed. With the S9 you can choose from black, blue and purple. The S10 is available in black, white and green.

2. Double working memory

As expected, the performance of the new flagship is once again better than previous devices, and that starts with the Exynos 9820 chip. In the S9 you will find Samsung’s Exynos 9810 chipset. Both deliver powerful performance, but a major improvement in working memory makes the differences between the devices really clear.

That is doubled. Where on the S9 with 4GB you have a good amount of RAM for good performance, the S10 is baked with 8GB of RAM. This makes it possible to run multiple apps simultaneously, edit photos or play large games really effortlessly.

3. Camera: only against triple

Another important difference between the two smartphones is the camera. Here Samsung has taken a big step, by giving the Galaxy S10 no less than three camera lenses behind. The standard 12-megapixel lens is accompanied by a 12-megapixel telephoto lens and a 16MP wide-angle lens. The telephoto lens collects depth information and offers optical zoom, while the wide-angle lens is ideal for group photos or panoramas.

The Galaxy S9, on the other hand, has to do with a single 12-megapixel lens, which suddenly makes the difference in camera possibilities quite large. Little has changed at the front. There you will find on the S9 a great 8-megapixel camera, and this is on the S10 up to 10 megapixels.

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This camera is used on the S9 for one of the security options: the iris scanner. Studies do not show this alone as the most accurate and safe unlocking method. The S10 no longer has an iris scanner, but only offers more unsafe face recognition. In that respect, you do not necessarily progress.

4. An eye for detail

If you put the S9 and S10 next to each other, there are some major changes immediately. Yet it is mainly small details that make the S10 clearly the new flagship, and the S9 a good alternative.

Samsung Galaxy S10 price

For example, the fingerprint scanner has been moved from the back to the front. The fingerprint scanner at the S10 is processed under the screen by means of an ultrasonic scanner. Charging your phone wirelessly goes a lot faster with the S10.

In perfect conditions, the S9 gets about 9 watts with wireless charging. The S10 is equipped with a new technology that enables faster wireless charging. This device charges wirelessly with 12 watts.

The S10 is not only quick to recharge, but also lets you charge other devices wirelessly. For this, you simply place them on the back of the smartphone. One finds it unnecessary, but for the other, it is a godsend.

For all these nice details you pay a price, namely 899 euros. An average user also finds an excellent, powerful device in the S9. Is a Galaxy S10 buy for that reason for you, not the best choice, then you can always find the best price for a Galaxy S9 in our comparator.

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