Jubilee model Samsung Galaxy S10X gets 6 cameras and 5000 mAh battery

Samsung Galaxy S10XThe Galaxy line this year to his tenth birthday and to celebrate that, Samsung brings out its most powerful device ever. The Samsung Galaxy S10X has a big screen, a gigantic battery and a new software function called ‘Life Pattern’.

Samsung Galaxy S10X is the most powerful Samsung ever

2019 seems to be the year of Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer would like to release no less than four versions of the Galaxy S10. According to ETNews, in addition to the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10 Lite there is also a jubilee model. The Samsung Galaxy S10X will be the most powerful flagship so far.

That bases the website on the basis of a source. The Galaxy S10X gets a 6.7-inch screen, 1 TB storage capacity and ‘more than’ 10 GB of RAM. The 5000 mAh battery supplies power to the device. In addition, the incredibly powerful flagship gets a fingerprint scanner under the display.

Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors

In addition, Samsung tackles in terms of cameras. According to the source, the Galaxy S10X gets no less than six sensors: four on the back and two on the front. Although these are all very impressive specifications, this is not even the most special.

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‘The killer feature of the Galaxy S10X is …’

The real ‘killer feature’ is ‘Life Pattern’. This new function would teach you how to use your smartphone based on artificial intelligence and adjust its performance accordingly.

Life Pattern ensures that when you are busy with multiple apps, and the processor is heavily loaded, your device is temporarily extra fast. When it is quiet, and the Galaxy S10X for example in your pocket, he takes ‘gas back’. This is good for battery life.

All in all, Life Pattern ensures that the flagship deals better with peak and peak times and adjusts its performance accordingly. Unfortunately, little is known about the price tag of the Galaxy S10X, but according to the source the device will be released in South Korea on March 29th. Or, and when he comes to the Netherlands is not clear.

Four Galaxy S10 devices

It looks like Samsung will announce a lot of devices this year. In addition to the ‘ordinary’ Galaxy S10 and slightly larger S10 Plus, the company would also issue a more affordable option. It is not yet clear how this device is called, but in the past few weeks the name Galaxy S10E has popped up more and more. The trio will be presented on February 20th. Check out our Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors overview to find out everything.

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