How to set the automatic night mode on your Galaxy S9 (Plus)

automatic night modeThe Android security update of February brings a surprise for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. From now on you can choose how late the night mode is switched on.

Samsung Galaxy S9 automatic night mode setting: this is how you do that

Every month, Google issues an Android security patch. Then it is up to manufacturers to adjust these updates and roll out for their own devices. Normally they do not add new functions, but this time.

This time, Samsung released a small but handy update for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. From now on you can schedule the times when the night mode becomes active. This feature is better for your eyes and ensures that you can use your smartphone in the evening. This is how you switch on the automatic night mode:

  1. Go to ‘Display’ in the settings menu;
  2. Select ‘Night mode’ and slide the switch to activate the function;
  3. Now indicate between which times you want to use the night mode. Your device switches automatically at these times.Samsung Galaxy S9 automatic night mode

In addition, you can of course still opt for the standard option. Your device goes into night mode at sunset. When the sun rises again in the morning, you get the regular color palette back.

This is how you download the update

The automatic night mode is added with the Android security update of February 2019. This patch is automatically offered, but you can also check manually. Go to ‘Software update’ in the settings menu and have your device searched. It may take a few days for your device to receive the update.

In addition to adding the automatic night mode, the update also resolves the Wi-Fi problems. Some Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus owners complained about connection problems. Finally, some general stability improvements have been added.

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