Samsung with a good camera: discover the 3 best

Do you like to take beautiful photos on vacation? Or fun videos for social media? Then a phone with a good camera comes in handy. Samsung has some very good phones with a good camera. I’ll list 3 Samsung phones with a good camera for you.

3x the best Samsung with a good camera

Samsung phones are known for their good cameras. They can do anything. From taking colorful landscape photos to beautiful selfies. The amount of camera options is also large. What is a really good Samsung phone with a good camera? I’m telling you.

Samsung Galaxy S22

A small Samsung phone with a good camera? That’s the Samsung Galaxy S22. The 6.1-inch screen makes it easy to fit in your pocket. And it is easy to operate with one hand. Also useful when taking pictures!

With the 50-megapixel main camera, you can take the most beautiful photos at any time of the day. Filming is possible in a resolution of up to 8K. Thanks to optical image stabilization, the images do not appear jerky. 

Want to take a group photo with everyone in it? This is possible with the 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera.

Samsung with a good camera

And thanks to the 10-megapixel telephoto lens with three times optical zoom, you can zoom in without loss of quality. Ideal for portrait photos or a photo of that beautiful butterfly in the garden. You can take selfies with the 10-megapixel front camera.

Even more advantages of the Galaxy S22:

  • 6.1 inch Dynamic Amoled screen
  • 3700 mAh battery
  • 8 GB working memory

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is a cheap Samsung mobile with a good camera. The selfie camera in particular is very good. It takes very clear and sharp selfies in 32 megapixels! Perfect for your social media.

On the back, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has 3 cameras. The 12-megapixel main camera shoots great photos everywhere. You can zoom in up to three times with the 8-megapixel telephoto lens.

Without loss of quality. How nice! This Samsung phone also has an ultra-wide-angle camera of 12 megapixels. Handy for beautiful landscape photos on vacation.

Even more advantages of the Galaxy S21 FE:

  • 6.4 inch Dynamic Amoled screen
  • Maximum computing power of 2.84 GHz
  • 4500 mAh battery

Samsung Galaxy A54

Also the Samsung Galaxy A54 should not be missing from this list. This is a Samsung with a good camera and a lot of memory. So you can easily store all your photos and videos.

The phone looks nice and has three cameras on the back. On the front you will find a very good selfie camera of 32 megapixels.

The main camera on the back takes good photos at any time of the day in 50 megapixels. And optical image stabilization ensures that photos are not shaken.

The 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera takes beautiful photos of landscapes or buildings. Do you want to capture the smallest details? Then you use the 5 megapixel macro camera.

Even more advantages of the Galaxy A54:

  • 6.4 inch Super Amoled screen
  • 5000 mAh battery
  • Glass front and back

Which Samsung phone is right for you?

You can get all the phones above from me in combination with a phone subscription. Or Sim Only. Are you still unsure about which Samsung phone suits you best? Then take a look at this Samsung comparison.

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