Smartphone memory full? 7 tips to expand your storage

Smartphone memory fullYou shoot photos and videos in ever higher resolution and apps take up more and more memory. Then it is possible that your Smartphone memory full. gives seven tips to free up space quickly.

Smartphone memory full? You have to do this

1. Manage your storage space

To clean up your iPhone memory or the storage of your Android device, it is useful to first know where all that storage space is going. In the settings of your phone, you can always see which apps use a lot of storage. By checking this first, you get a better understanding of what you can do to free up memory again.

To do this, go to ‘Settings> General> iPhone storage’ on an iPhone. On an Android device, you can view this by going to ‘Settings> Storage’. Here you will find an overview of how much each app takes up space. If you see that a certain game that you rarely play needs a lot of storage, you better remove it.

2. Remove apps that you no longer use

In the list of your storage space, you see all your apps clearly arranged underneath each other, which also makes it a good time to determine which apps you never open. You can then remove these unnecessary apps better. The amount of memory that you clean up in this way can quickly add up. Many apps also have a website that you can use via the browser on your phone.

3. Use a cloud service

In a cloud service such as iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox you can store all kinds of files so that they no longer have to be on your phone. It is especially useful for photos because you set automatic synchronization for this.

Every photo you take is automatically uploaded to the cloud and deleted from your device’s local storage. You can also easily save files. If you want to save space with iCloud, the first 5GB is free. If you need more storage space, you do have to pay a small amount per month.

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Google Drive is the easiest option for Android users. With a Google account, you get 15GB of free storage space in this cloud, which gives you quite some space to store lots of photos and videos. For 1.99 euros per month, you get 100GB of space.

4. Move to micro SD card

For Android phones, a micro SD card is often a second option to expand the storage space. iPhones do not have expandable memory, but Android devices may almost always offer this. You can purchase such a card with an additional 64 or 128 GB of storage for around 15 to 30 euros and put it in the device. Is smartphone memory full? You expand your storage with these 7 tips.

Apps and files are often stored on the internal memory of your phone. As soon as this internal memory is full, you will be notified. You can easily move an app via ‘Settings> Applications’. Choose the app to be transferred in this menu, go to ‘Storage> Used storage> Change’ and choose your memory card as the storage location. You can also easily save photos to your SD card.

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5. Delete unnecessary photos and videos

Photos and videos take up a lot of space from your smartphone memory. Many of these photos and videos were relevant at the time you took them (or got them), but now they are unnecessary. Free up a lot of storage by taking a critical look at it and removing unnecessary snapshots. Is smartphone memory full? You expand your storage with these 7 tips.

Do you use WhatsApp and do you regularly receive photos or videos? Then it is also useful to remove these media. To do this, go to “Settings> Data and storage use> Storage in use” in WhatsApp. Here you can see how much space all chats and group conversations occupy. Tap a chat with frequently used space and tap Manage. Then delete all files that are unnecessary.

6. Empty cache memory

An app stores temporary information in the cache, for example, to start faster or to enter data automatically. This often takes up a lot of space, especially if you use many different apps every day. So regularly clear your phone’s cache to free up space again. Is smartphone memory full? You expand your storage with these 7 tips.

Especially clearing the cache of your browser makes a lot of difference, because it collects a lot of information by visiting all kinds of websites. For example, to empty the Flitsmeister cache or another app on an iPhone, do the following. Go to ‘Settings> General> iPhone storage> Flitsmeister’ and tap ‘Clean up’ to empty the cache. Repeat this with multiple apps that take up a lot of space.

You can do this even easier on your Android device because here you can clear the entire cache in one go. To do this, go to ‘Settings> Storage and usb> Cached data’ and press ‘OK’ in the window.

7. Backup all files

Is smartphone memory full? You expand your storage with these 7 tips. Is your smartphone memory still (too) full? Then you can choose to make a backup of your device. Then keep this backup in a safe place where you can find it yourself, for example in the cloud or on your computer. After this you can really clean your phone memory; after all, your files are now safely stored in a backup. A backup of Android is slightly different from an iPhone backup.

For example, choose to save only the most important files. The most drastic solution is to restore your factory settings. Then your device is completely empty. Make a backup first, because stored data is lost.

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