Soor is a Music app replacement made to control with one hand

Soor Soor is a replacement of the standard Music app and imports all your albums, artists and songs from Apple Music player. Especially the one-handed operation is appreciated.

Soor: a Music app replacement

No lack of music players for the iPhone. Most programs, however, do largely the same, so they are often not that interesting. This kite does not stand up for Soor. The new music player does a few things better than Apple’s own Music app.

Starting with the one-handed operation. Soor is designed from the idea that you always have to set up a new song or album with one hand. This allows you to operate menus at the top of the screen by swiping down on the display.

Moreover, you are not fiddled with different tabs, because Soor consists of one window. On this screen, you will find your most played songs, albums, and your entire catalog. You will therefore mainly scroll through the app instead of tapping.

One-handed operation

Another useful application for one-handed operation is the universal search window. Whether you’re scrolling through songs or watching the song lyrics of a song: When you swipe down the screen and release it, the search window opens. This works just like in iOS.

Soor 2

Moreover, Soor has drag & drop. You create new playlists by swiping albums or individual tracks to a playlist. The app also has standard themes: light and two dark shades.

To use Soor you need an Apple Music subscription. During startup, you give permission to the music player once to import this data (your songs, playlists, and albums).

To download

All in all, Soor is a decent replacement for the Music app, although an iPad version is still missing. In addition, the app with its price tag of 10.99 euros anything but cheap. Finally, it could be that Apple will soon add Soor’s plus points to the Music app.

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