With new Spotify car mode, you can safely listen to music on the go

Spotify auto modeSpotify rolls out the long-tested car mode to users of its Android app. The distraction-free interface automatically starts in your car. You should know this about Spotify’s new car model.

Spotify auto mode is rolling out

More than a year ago, the ‘Car View’ feature already surfaced in the Spotify app. At the time, the button did nothing, but in the past few months, it became clear that the streaming service was working on a special car mode. It is now available in phases for Android users, writing several American tech sites. It is still unclear whether the automatic mode also appears in the Netherlands, and if so when.

Simple interface

While driving, you must keep your attention on the road. If you want to put on another music, it is easy via the Spotify car mode. Where the app is usually full of information, features and an album cover, the car has an undressed design.


The name of the song and the artist are prominently displayed, as are buttons to pause the music. You can also easily switch to the previous and next number. With the heart button, you can add the current song to your favorites, while the shuffle button next to it plays the coming songs in random order.

Only via Bluetooth

When you connect your smartphone to your car’s audio system via Bluetooth, Spotify recognizes that you are on the road. If you open the app, it will start in auto mode, although you can also switch this mode off. This is useful if, for example, you are traveling as a passenger. For the time being, the Spotify auto mode does not seem to work if you connect your device to the car system via an audio cable.

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