Spotify is becoming more social: controlling music together at a party

Spotify social

Spotify social is working on a great new feature: the ability to control music together. For example at a party. You need to know this about how Spotify becomes social.

How Spotify becomes social

If you listen to Spotify together, for example at a party, then one person has control. That should be better. That is why the company is now testing ‘social listening’. A way to control the music together on different devices.

The idea is that someone starts the music. Next, to ‘Connect to a device’, next to the devices you can connect to, there is a new option: ‘connect to friends’. Here is a code that friends can scan. Friends look in the same menu and there find the option to scan the code. It is also possible to share a link.

How Spotify social

You are then the manager of the music together. That means that you put songs together in the queue. This is not only useful for parties, but also at home if you listen to music with your partner or family.

The function is currently only being tested internally at Spotify. Jane Manchun Wong found out and shared the information with the above screenshots on Twitter. The interface already seems to be very complete. So there is a good chance that you will be able to work with it yourself soon. That is of course not certain.

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We have to wait a while for this new position. Do you want to get more out of the app in the meantime? Then check our 7 best Spotify tips to learn how you can save data or create your own radio, among other things. Do you only want to search for music from a specific decade during your party? That is also possible.

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