These 7 tips for Spotify sound like music in your ears

Spotify tipsSpotify is probably one of the most used apps on your iPhone and is packed with great features. With these handy but unknown tips, you get everything from the music streaming service Spotify tips.

The 7 best Spotify tips

Spotify is the most popular app to listen to music. Although the program in the basic is very simple, there are also enough functions that are better hidden. With these tips, you get everything from Spotify tips.

1. Save data with download

High audio quality and your internet bundle are not friends of each other. If at the end of the month mb’s is too short, it is wise to download your favorite albums or songs for offline use.

Spotify is probably one of the most used apps on your iPhone and is packed with great features. With these handy but unknown tips you get everything from the music streaming service.

You do this by tapping on the three dots when you scroll through your library and tap ‘Download’. You can not download single tracks, but podcast episodes.

If you want to download individual songs for use, you must create a playlist. To do this, tap the three dots if you are listening to a song and select ‘Add to’. Then choose ‘New playlist’ and enter a name. Add as many songs to your playlist as you want and download the selection by sliding the switch.

2. The best sound

Do you have a good headset? Then it is a shame not to play songs in the optimum quality. In Spotify tips, you can choose to stream songs in low, normal (96 kbps), high (160 kbps) and very high quality (320 kbps). The latter is comparable to the quality of an MP3 file on your Mac.

Spotify does not get it in terms of audio quality from competitors like Tidal or Qobuz, but you have to have a trained ear to notice this difference. Of course, it is true that you use more data when you opt for high streaming quality.

By default, this setting is set to automatic. To choose a higher or lower quality, go to the ‘Library’ tab and tap the gear icon at the top right. Scroll down and select the desired quality under the heading ‘Sound quality’.

3. Keep eye viewers outside the door

Want to listen to your favorite guilty pleasure? Then switch on the private session. This will not share your listening activity with friends. Go to Settings (gear icon in the upper right corner of the library) and move the switch to ‘Private session’.

4. Old old man

Do you feel like music from the 70s or 80s? Then use a specific search function so that you only get numbers from that period. Go to the Search tab and enter “year: 1980-1990” for example. You will now see songs, albums, and playlists.

You can refine this search even further by looking up the oeuvre of a specific band. For example, search for “year: 1980-1990 Metallica” to listen to the songs of yesteryear. You can also use the words “and”, “or” or “not” or genres (such as “genre: rock”) to refine your search.

5. Link Spotify to Google Maps

You no longer have to switch the app to set up a different song while driving. Apple Music and Spotify work with Google Maps together so you can keep your eyes on the road while you drive.

Go to the settings in Google Maps, tap ‘Navigation’ and select ‘App for playing music’. Choose Spotify here and confirm your choice by issuing an authorization. While navigating, you can now listen to music, pause or flush the track without closing Google Maps.

6. Create your own radio

Did you get a good song and are you looking for more of these tracks? With Spotify it is very easy to start your own radio station so that you are presented with similar songs.

To do this, tap the three balls when you are listening and select ‘Go to Number radio’. Spotify is now looking for similar songs so that you stay in the mood. Of course, you can download this playlist for offline use or tracking, so that you are kept up to date on new tracks.

7. You are the DJ

Spotify has multiple functions so you can put the music on your hand. Under the heading ‘Play’ in the settings, you will find for example the option ‘Crossfade’. This allows you to blend songs together so that there is no moment of silence.

When you turn on the switch at ‘Autoplay’ the app continues to play songs, even if your current album or playlist has ended. Spotify selects tracks that sound approximately the same. An option below is ‘Behind the lyrics’. If you turn this on you will get trivial facts about the artist or song on the screen while listening to music.

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