Best app of 2018: Why Stoop my favorite iOS app

Best appJust like last year, the App Store was pumping out on the iPhone and Mac with countless new apps. In 2018, every iPhone editor chooses another app as a favorite of the year. In our opinion, these are the best iOS and macOS apps of the year. Today Michel is next with Stoop.

Stoop: a podcast app, but then for newsletters

Every now and then apps come out that is becoming hugely popular in a short time. Think of this year’s battle royale-game Fortnite or the trivia quiz HQ from 2017. It is logical that these apps have a lot of fans: they are innovative, spectacular and all of this time.

My app from 2018 is anything but spectacular. In fact, compared to all hip media forms of today, it is very old-fashioned. The stoop is, in fact, a newsletter app. However, it tackles it in a modern way. All your newsletters are collected in a central location, which means that you can unsubscribe at the touch of a button.

This makes it a very practical app that solves a very real problem. Anyone who subscribes to multiple newsletters will recognize the problem that your mailbox bulges at a given moment. And when you want to unsubscribe you have to click through endless menus, reset your password (because you’ve forgotten it) and then confirm your choice. In short: a lot of hassle.

Stoop Best app 2018

Stoop ensures that all your newsletter subscriptions remain clear. This way you can read the latest editions directly from the home screen. Moreover, it is a nice way to break through your ‘filter bubble’. The app collects all kinds of interesting publications, where you can register directly. The stoop is therefore comparable to a podcast app, but for newsletters.

In addition, the program ensures that your personal mailbox does not overflow with mailings. You will receive a personal email address during registration, which you can use during the subscription process. It is extra nice that filling in this mail account happens automatically: you do not have to type yourself.

All in all, Stoop is anything but a revolutionary app, but above all a practical addition. It has become a routine for me to browse through relevant newsletters in the morning. Especially the overview that the app offers is important to me. Nowadays there is no shortage of content, but nobody has time to check it all out. Thanks to this newsletter app you stay informed, but without the chaos.

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